Betty Kresin isn’t really satisfied with her grandson’s remarriage

The news of Eminem’s remarriage with Kim might have rejoiced family members, friends and many of his numerous fans worldwide. Eminem’s grandmother, however, didn’t seem really pleased with her grandson’s decision to remarry Kim.
In 2003, when Marshall was about to take the same decision, she didn’t seem to be that opposed to a reconciliation and remarriage between Em and Kim.
She even pointed out how much her grandson was family oriented and how much he wanted to work out his relationship with Kim.
It looks like she isn’t in the best terms with her grandson now. Proof is that she hasn’t been invited to his recent marriage.
Betty Kresin has had an argument with Marshall in the past, because he wanted to use her son Ronnie’s voice on a tape as a tribute. After one year of silence, Betty reconciled with her grandson.
Apparently, Betty thinks that Marshall did a great mistake with his recent marriage. It also looks like she doesn’t really like Kim:
« Boy, has he made a big mistake. No pre-nup or nothing. She’ll take everything and leave. Kim is a nasty, mean woman. »
According to her, Kim turned Marshall against her:
« We’ve never been anything but nice to her but she’s turned Marshall against us. I think she’s very controlling. »
Anyway, isn’t it up to Marshall and only to him to choose the person he wants to live with?

5 thoughts on “Betty Kresin isn’t really satisfied with her grandson’s remarriage”

  1. I agree with her. But, I also guess that people can change. I am just not sure Kim is one of those people. Only time will tell if she screws him over again. Let’s all hope not for his sake, he is such a good person!

  2. 4 me i think she luv eminem datz y she say dat she dun want eminem had a brokenheart again after wat happen in eminem-kim last marriage… and she have her on point 2 say wat ever she said……………….. hope eminem married will last 4 ever

  3. i think that if marshall and kim didnt love each other they wouldnt hav got married and if they want 2 b together every1 should stay out of their buisness and leave them alone i wish them both the best of luck with their marrage and i hope it lasts forever

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