Unsigned hype from North Carolina: Cast T.R.O.Y

Cast T.R.O.Y started rhyming in 1994, but emceeing became a real passion for him in 1997:
« I started writing in 1994, but didn’t take it seriously until 1997. Every since, the kid been on his grind. I started sticking my hand in the production racket, picking up little techniques on the low. »
The solo artist has exposed some of his tracks on his my space account.
The little excerpts of his music he exposed on his account made me hungry for more, because Cast T.R.O.Y has some obvious qualities as an emcee.
First of all, he can flow and I really enjoyed his three song snippets.
Rocking It has a little bit of soul and R’n’B flavor combined with Cast Troy’s dark voice and good lyrical ability.
Deep Cutz is a beautiful example of what Cast T.R.O.Y can do: lyrically, this song is worth your interest. It also combines a soft melody and rougher elements from an emcee who spits with confidence. Enjoy his wordplays and let the music guide you into his world.
Also, I advice you to check Bangerz, a gangsta track aimed at fake thugs.
Hopefully, I will be able to hear more from this artist in a near future. In the meantime, check out Cast T.R.O.Y