Damian Knight: true to the roots of hip hop

You are keen on raw rhythmic rhymes with an ill flow? You like it underground, anti commercial, true to the roots of good hip hop?
Then I’d strongly advice you to listen to Detroit emcee Damian Knight who reunites all the qualities mentioned above. Not only does Damian have a good and clear voice, he also combines well handled instrumentals with some hot lyrics and a rapid flow delivery.
Damian Knight will communicate his enthusiasm and love for pure hip hop and take you with him to a higher level.
Categorized as hip hop/ alternative hip hop, Damian Knight’s music offers some new horizons to thirsty listeners who are longing for some authentic, dynamic and good raps.
His sound click account will offer the listener a great panel of 25 original and tight songs.
The introduction will lead you to a raw underground hip hop style, opening doors to Damian’s other tracks.
I particularly recommend you Hustle, a song that starts with a storm background. Feel Damian’s heated lyrical speech against commercial rap and the industry’s obvious manipulations. Damian’s rap is a reality rap that could barely leave an attentive listener indifferent. Enjoy the lyrics and let some light piano sounds caress your ear while listening to Hustle. The song is an intelligent mixture of offensiveness and softness.
Also, Boogyman is really worth your interest. Lyrically and instrumentally, the song is lead from the hand of a master who flows as fast as the wind.
Get caught in Damian’s speedy verbal jet stream and enjoy his raps. My Hood is another beautiful rhythmic track enlightened by violin and keyboard sounds. Damian Knight draws the difficulty of living in the hood and the struggles inside of the rap game.
American Vampire is well handled too.
My advice to the visitors of Damian’s sound click page: don’t skip any of the 25 songs exposed here. You might miss something really great, because the artist did a real good job.
Some authentic moments of raw, pure hip hop will please your ears. Don’t miss the chance: check him out, he is really worth it!