Superficial rap listener or proud hip hop head?

Do you listen to rap music because Eminem and Snoop Dogg are « cuties »? Because you’re star struck? Because rap is « so popular » and all of your friends listen to rap?
Or do you listen to rap music because you ‘re a true hip hop head, because you do not only love how the music sounds, but because the culture in which this music was born has a meaning to you?
I am proud to belong to the persons you’d qualify as « hip hop heads ». I do listen to mainstream and underground hip hop artists, from old school to new school rappers. I love the music and the culture.
D12’s Bizarre claims in his « Hip Hop » song, « Hip Hop is a way of life ».
Yes, hip hop is something you live out every day when you’re into the culture. It doesn’t mean to be dressed in urban clothes and walk around swearing all the time, thinking you are cool. Many middle classes kids act that way, but cannot claim to relate to hip hop culture.
Rap music has a meaning. It was born from black folks’ pain. It symbolizes the rebellious fight of ghetto people for more equality, peace and justice. To be able to relate to rap music and to understand the true meaning of hip hop culture, you must have lived in the ghetto, been close to those who suffer and experienced their pain. Otherwise, you might understand the words, but they remain a fiction for you.
Rap music haters often object that the lyrics are offensive and violent. Oh yes, they actually are. Did you ever search the meaning behind that offensiveness and violence?
It is the voice from hell you comfortable people don’t wanna hear about! A hell created by governmental and police discrimination. The voice of the poor and underprivileged. A voice some of you would like to be shut down.
Walk a mile in their shoes and you will understand what rap and hip hop are all about.
Rap music and hip hop culture are part of me. I wake up with rap music every day. The hip hop attitude is my way of life, I have the spirit of an emcee inside of me and I will keep defending hip hop, no matter if the music or the culture are « in » or not.
Don’t care if rap music is popular or not. Don’t care about bling bling rappers. Do care about the meaning behind the words coming from the mouth of a true emcee. They will teach you the true meaning of life.

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  1. I agree but u dont have 2 come frm that culture to be able to appreachate the music, cause I didnt and from the outside my life seems perfect but trust me it isnt so even if u just had a bad day u can put on the music and just vibe, ok so u might not have the same connection but as I said before you can still appreachate it!

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