As dirty as Malikai can get…

Dirty like the D, like the Dirty Dozen or like Detroit emcee Malikai?
Detroit underground emcee Malikai will come up to you with an apocalyptic and hardcore vision of the world and of the Detroit hood in particular.
Malikai’s raw instrumentals and hardcore lyrics are here to make you feel uncomfortable on purpose.
To those who would be tempted to criticize Malikai’s negative lyrical content, I’d like to say: since when is an artist supposed to talk only about beauty and happiness? When you have lived in the streets of Detroit, you are more likely to draw a picture of ugliness and desperation. So let the comfortable people from the suburbs make their happy raps and let a D-boy be a D-boy and tell the things the way they are.
The D town obviously inspired Malikai.
Pop That Work That is a very dark sounding track with a techno background and some catchy beats. Malikai is ready to spit his venom and comes up with a harsh P.I.M.P style.
Do What I Wanna Do is as offensive as Malikai’s first track. The track is all about the dirty details of hood life. « I do what I want while you do what you can » raps Malakai. Pimping and drug selling are the easiest way to get money when you live in the hood. Enter into Malikai’s dirty world, let the dark keyboard sounds and beats guide you… open your ears and feel…unsafe.
Cain’t Fall Off is the confident track of a soldier handled on a dark musical background. Cain’t Fall Off will teach you about the harsh struggle to make some « cheddar » in the hood where only the strong survive.
Jack Move That is written in a lighter note on a rapid rhythm despite the rough Detroit hood environment. Get that money and keep fighting in your dangerous area where guns can put an end to your life in no time.
The rhythm of the song is enjoyable and Malikai masters his flow delivery well.
Malikai found most of subject matter in the Detroit hood. Some of you might not like it, but he describes ghetto reality in its ugliness. He belongs to the real D-boys who won’t write their music just to please you.
As Dirty as the dirty murder Mitten can be, Malikai’s music is pure reflection of the hardcore drug selling and pimping Detroit ghetto reality. Hustling is a matter of survival in a dark daily landscape made of violence, drug deals, hustlers and dirty money.
Musically, Malikai has sought some inspiration in Dirty Glove Entertainment artist’s music. Definitely gangsta and Detroit dedicated, Malikai’s music is available here.