DMX, also known Dark Man X or The Divine Master Of The Unknown: an emcee of great talent

Early years
Earl Simmons aka DMX was born on December the 18th, 1970, in Baltimore, Maryland.
Only child of a single mom, DMX would soon move to the Yonkers, New York with his aunt. DMX would soon show talent as an emcee.
DMX’s music is characterized by his raw voice combined with some dark subjects matters. DMX is raw energy, he can get offensive and go deep at the same time. DMX’s music is a constant contrast of light and darkness.
While X Gonna Give It To Ya shows more rage and DMX’s offensive, videos like I Miss You aimed at his grandmother is very spiritual and deeply touching.
His music can be described as « good rhytmic noise » that won’t probably leave hip hop lovers indifferent. DMX combines light and darkness in his music and he is one mainstream emcees who can be praised for their realness and the beauty of their music.
In the early 90’s DMX was signed to Columbia Records. His first album, that came out in 1992, was called Born Loser. His first album didn’t bring the expected success, so DMX wanted to come up in a rougher way.
DMX started collaborating with many hip hop artists such as LLCool J and Ma$e.
In the late 90’s, DMX Joined the Ruff Ryders label.
Career and Court trouble
DMX’s next album, It’s Dark And The Hell Is Hot came out in 1998 under the Def Jam Records label. The album, which went 4 times platinum, sold over 4 million copies.
Shortly after the release of his album in 1998, DMX was confronted by trouble: unjustifiably accused of raping a stripper in the Bronx, he was cleared of all charges by DNA evidence.
DMX’s second album, Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood was completed at the end of 1998. The album went triple platinum.
DMX started touring with Jay Z, Redman and Method Man in 1999.
Unfortunately, new obstacles would soon occur in DMX’s life.
A warrant for his arrest was issued in Denver, because the police thought he was involved in a stabbing. However, the talented rapper would be cleared of any charges later on.
Accused of assaulting a man who harassed his wife afterwards, the charges against DMX would be dropped again.
But misfortune kept following DMX. In Summer 1999, his uncle and manager was shot in the foot in a New Jersey hotel. The police found a purse containing his wife’s ID at the scene’s shooting at decided to investigate DMX’s home and obtained a warrant to investigate.
The police found some arms and cocaine pipes. The police filed charges for animal cruelty, weapons, and drug possession against the rapper and his wife.
At the end of 1999, DMX’s third album, And There Was X, was released.
His single « Get At Me Dog » quickly became a major hit.
DMX’s third album was a major success: it sold over 5 million copies.
DMX’s next album, The Great Depression (released in 2001), would offer a more introspective view of the artist, who had just solved his legal problems.
The Great Depression would be followed by Grand Champ in 2003 (yes, the album with the dog on the cover).
Grand Champ is a well handled album that contains the dynamic hit « Where’s The Hood At ».
In 2003, DMX announced his retirement from the rap game. However, he changed his mind and is currently working on a new album.
DMX, the actor
DMX started his acting career in 1998 with the movie Belly in which he played with Nas and Method Man. He played the role of Tommy ‘Burns’ Bundy in this drama.
In 2000, he starred in an action/ adventure film called Romeo Must Die.
He then played in another action/ adventure movie, Exit Wounds in 2001.
Caddle To The Grave was the next move in Earl Simmons acting career in 2003.
In 2004, DMX starred in Never Die Alone. Never Die Alone was based on Detroit novelist Donald Goines’ book.
Interesting facts about DMX
-as a kid, DMX was hit by a drunk driver
-Rapper DMX has his dog killed by a motorist tattooed on his back with the words One Love Boomer.
-DMX barks and growls while rapping
-DMX wrote an autobiography called E.A.R.L: Ever Always Real Life
DMX belongs to the contemporary hip hop legends. Check him out if you haven’t done it yet. His raw, hardcore, dynamic, real and spiritual style will certainly amaze you.