3 thoughts on “AMT3 animated pic”

  1. what city is this at? i am from houston texas and i went to see the concert in selma texas (san antonio tx.) at the verizon wireless theatre i was in the pitt area it was awsome and if u even tried to take any pictures they would kick you out or take your camera or cell phone anything that took a picture! that sucked oh well 350.00 american dollars is nothing :(. ai also went to detoit MI. in 2003 at the ford feild to see one of his only 2 concert in the states. so i have been blessed 🙂 bye

  2. Hey em how u doin??? i’m17yrs old… i really like u … i’v been ur fan since ur first album was released..i have many of ur posters in my room and all the albums are original! ur d best…im very sad that ur stopping but its a good thing 2 do 2 stay with hailie kim and kim’s girl 😉 goodluck!!!! 🙂 i love you loads bye bye xxxxx

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