New Year Wishes and thank You’s

Ok…First of all…I wish you all a Happy New Year 2006. May 2006 fulfill your dearest wishes:)
Second…I wanna thank Gavin Sheridan for giving me my chance as a freelance music journalist. Thank you, Gavin, for always believing in me:)
Thanks to Eminem and to all of you Detroit rappers for being a huge inspiration in my life through your music:)
Thanks to all the rappers from anywhere in the USA who crossed my road and gave me the chance to review your music…also thanks to the few musicians (non rappers lol) who gave me some insight about their work…your music makes my day, many thanks:)
BIG thanks to my many readers all over the world. I am nothing without you:)

4 thoughts on “New Year Wishes and thank You’s”

  1. One of my wishes ofcourse is that the world would stop the war. Another is that i could get to eminem’s concert (and maybe meet hem but im not sure) and get the cd’s that i still havent got. But i wont be unhappy if i would not get that the next year…
    I allsow wish that i could understand ppl better n’ get to meet new ppl.
    My mum saw on tv a program about the bible codes. 3 things got predicted and they happend.
    A mans death, The twin towers and something on 1991. One thing that hasn’t happend yet is the end of the world in 2006.
    Tomorrow is 2006 n’ today will be like the last day. For the first time in my life.:)
    I wish you all a happy New Years Eve and a New Year when it comes!
    And i hope that Isabelle will get at least one of her goals.:)

  2. RapCat, thanks for your kind wishes…i have read a book about bible codes a few years ago, i was based on Hebrew numeric codes…i have studied this language as an autodidact…the book was amazing, but do you think each prediction will come true? They also predicted Netanyahou would be assassinated and it hasn’t happened yet…
    well, until the world ends, i hope that God will grant me one of my dearest wishes:)
    Peace and many blessings to everyone!

  3. Well…
    The end of the world in a way of the war is a bit too unreal, but the yellow stone has gotta break one day. In other words: ”everything has an end”
    O do i don’ believe evrything ppl tell me.
    But this thing is gonna help me n’ others to live theire life better n’ happier: ”every day is the last.” Just like u sayd.

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