Straight Outta Jackson, Michigan: Big Joka

In Jackson, Michigan, lives an emcee who has experienced the early stages of Michigan hip hop. In the rap game since 1988, Big Joka had even performed with a then unknown white emcee named Marshall Mathers at St Andrews in Detroit.
Big Joka is very much dedicated to rap music:
« Rap is the only thing that saved me from death on tha block I went through dealin wit niggas that held me up »
(Big Joka)
Curious to know how Big Joka sounds?
Visit his my space account, then.
Straight Outta Jackson introduces you to Big Joka’s hometown in the same offensive way as NWA’s Straight Outta Compton. Harsh, nearly metal sounding electric guitars and keyboards will allow to enter into a sticky gangsta atmosphere. Murderous, pistol sounds in the background will make you feel the dangerous ghetto atmosphere of the nightmarish streets of Jackson. You’d better not mess with Big Joka and his crew.
Da Club, the second track opens on a lighter party note. Keyboards, bass and vocal sounds in the background will make you feel the dance floor atmosphere.
Jackson Stand Up is a nice track with some catchy beats and an invitation for the crowd to throw their hands in the air and to stand up. Big Joka represents his city with pride.
Not Locked Up starts on a softer note…Big Joka’s voice sounds distorted and echoes in the background. Big Joka has a nice flow on a song that sounds a little bit surrealistic: « I’m not locked up, they gotta let me out » echoes the voice in the background…Nice rhythm, original instrumentals and sounds, the whole track is enjoyable and well handled.
Discover the Michigan soldier outta Jackson here.

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