Hydro Diabolic: anti commercial and politically engaged

Hydro and Diabolic are two emcees from Toledo, Ohio. Largely influenced by Psychopathic Records and old school gangsta rap, Hydro and Diabolic have some new and original sounds, beats and lyrics to offer to their audience.
Ya ‘ll Ain’t Ready is a rhythmic and offensive track aimed at the haters.
Hydro and Diabolic can be categorized as rebellious, anti conformists and anti commercial. Original and determined to take over lyrically and instrumentally, Hydro and Diabolic will surprise you with their well combined raspy voices and instrumentals.
Fuck The Society…rebels like me could only like a song like this one!
Violins, keyboards, castanets alike sounds introduce the song like an invitation to stand up for your rights.
Let the rhythm and instrumentals transport you into the « raise your middle finger  atmosphere ». Both rappers are courageous enough to speak their minds. Fuck the system, fuck politicians who are all about the money, yea say it loud: « Fuck Bush who only brings pain and trouble into this world »
I think it is time to praise artists who have the courage to be politically engaged against President Bush.
Another Day is all about underground artists’ harsh struggle. I’m feeling you guys, it is sometimes so hard when your dream job doesn’t pay you a penny while you’re struggling to make it, suffering on minimal wage jobs and feeling pain and hunger. Politicians maintain you at a low level while you are perfectly conscious of your genuine value.
Touching and well handled lyrically.
You can check out Hydro Diabolic on their my space account.
Discover more about « the lyrical terrorists » and their music on their official website.
Both emcee’s incisive lyrics and engaged style probably won’t leave you indifferent.

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  1. I feelin that shit too. I’d definately buy their stuff. There are also a few more hot white rappers in Toledo. Check out myspace.com/jbird419, or myspace.com/northornothin. J-Bird and them N.O.N. Boyz are hot too.

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