Happy Birthday…

…to my son Marcus (16) and to Eminem’s daughter Hailie (10)…have a great one, kids:)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…”

    i think hailie is so cute.and i heard that kim and marshall will probably remarry.hey i really need em’s real fan e-mail please.please somebody contact me.

  2. I wanna thank you all for your wishes…but there is something i wanna put clear once again. I am addressing to the kids who are asking for Eminem’s email. I don’t have it and be sure that even if I had it I’d never display it. Eminem needs a privacy. Please respect that.
    I am grateful for your nice b’day wishes, but from now on, I will delete ANY COMMENT ASKING FOR EM’S EMAIL!

  3. hey,i know marshall needs privacy.i love him and hailie so much.but i just wanted them to know my feelings as a great fan.and honestly i love much more marshall than eminem.cuz the real one is i think marshall mathers.thanks isabelle for your response…
    isabelle i really wonder that u love marshall and hailie and cuz of this have u ever tried to contact with them?

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