Organized Rhyme Syndicate: share their passion for rhyming

Organized Rhyme Syndicate, that sounds quite corporate. In fact, the group is composed of four emcees from Madison : Jesse The Mind, Explicit, Emotion, Joe Terribly.
All of them are white, but don’t confuse them with Eminem. Their style is very much different.
Have You Ever is all about achieving one’s goal. The song exposes the emcees’ struggles to make it and how much their desire grows stronger.
The dimension of the song is strongly anti commercial. It has some good instrumentals and beats.
Well handled lyrically, the song is unfortunately spoilt with the little electronic voice in the background as far as I am concerned (I know, it has become usual to add those features in rap music, but I don’t like them at all).
Too Much is a raw song that is all about drinking, smoking and thinking too much. Keyboards and catchy beats invite you into the insane dimension of the song. The whole atmosphere is quite surrealistic and well handled.
Rain will tell you about rainy days. Sounds of pouring rain in the background, some good beats and emcees who are ready to punch you lyrically. The song is highly enjoyable.
Hold Me Now could be improved. I didn’t like the beats nor the background sounds. It looks like they spoil the lyrical atmosphere of the song.
Maybe this song is too soft in my opinion.
The four songs exposed on their my space account are not representative of Organized Rhyme’s Syndicate work. There are more songs to discover on their official website.