No More To Say/ Trick Trick featuring Eminem and Proof/ song review

Rating: 4 stars and a half
Trick Trick’s brand new album The People VS is due to release very soon. One of Trick Trick’s songs, No More To Say has been leaked on the net and will give you some insight about how the album will look like. Be prepared for some intense moments of a scary typical Detroit gangsta atmosphere with Eminem and Proof’s contribution. The dark song is introduced by siren alike sounds combined with violins and bells. The very rapid rhythm lead by drums and claps will immediately make you feel the sticky atmosphere. Glockmatics are ready to shoot.
Trick Trick shuts down people who « talk too much ». Gossipers have no chance of survival with Trick Trick. If you don’t wanna meet the reaper, you’d better not run your mouth.
Somebody who had listened to the same song and who had rated it as bad told me that it wasn’t easy to rap on such a rapid rhythm. Yes, that’s actually true, but that also makes the beauty of the song. Not any average rapper can flow on that song.
Scary landscape, scary atmosphere, voices yelling in the background: Eminem speaks out next. Better say your prayers for this player because he is going to his grave.
Proof of D12 is the kind of guy you’d better not mess with in real life. In a murderous mood, his words spit as fast as bullets from a beretta’s mouth. Flesh gets burnt with the hottest verbal weapons
Proof mentions the beef with rapper Everlast.
There’s nothing more these words can say. Don’t mess with Trick Trick and his crew or this might be your last day.
Beautiful song with a sophisticated rhythm handled by three brilliant Detroit artists. Enough said!
P.S: somebody sent me Trick Trick’s The People VS album, so expect a hot review in a very near future!

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