E- Strong, a solid Michigan emcee with some kockout lyrics

People prompt to forget about you once you retire from the rapping scene. E- Strong was present in early years of Michigan hip hop. His long time break made people forget about him for a while.
Today E-Strong is back and stronger than ever. He has some brand new tracks out of his yet unreleased Blazed Out 2006 album.
The nickname E-Strong stands for Eric Strong.
The first track Feel My Truth is inspired from Jay-Z’ s Moment of Clarity.
The rhythmic track based on a Jay-Z sample introduces you into a quite offensive rhyming atmosphere where E-Strong questions honesty and real friendship.
Dear God starts with piano sounds and soft vocals; the song in itself is a prayer to God from a child who questions God about the reasons of his mom’s death. When you have lost your beloved ones, you feel lonely in this world and helpless.
E- Strong visits his mom’s grave as he passes the gates of the cemetery. As he puts some roses on her grave stone, he is trying to find some reasons for her early departure. As he questions God, he starts a touching dialogue with God. His mom is watching him from Heaven and hears sorrows from a bleeding heart.
Song Nr 3, My, gets very lyrical. Piano, violin and keyboard sounds introduce the very rapid rhythmic song. E-Strong is determined to conquer the world with his rhymes and flow. He feels like it is his time to shine and he is taking over with confidence. Very good and enjoyable song that I particularly recommend to E- Strong’s listeners.
The last song, Let’s Go To The Club will lead you to a lighter clubbing atmosphere. Follow him to the club and the rhythm guide you.
Globally, E- Strong has some good hip hop to offer to his audience. Check him out at his my space account.