Shane Capone Heated Speech CD and DVD review

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CD review
Detroit City might be one of the coldest North American cities, hip hop can transform it into the most heated place in no time. A pen and a mic and an accurate sense of ghetto reality, this is all a real emcee needs to make you feel the atmosphere of a heated speech that expresses the reality of rap game and the streets of Detroit.
Shane Capone is one of those Detroit rap veterans who have earned some respect through their hard work and impressing flow.
His brand new Heated Speech double CD is definitely worth your interest.
Besides Shane’s talent, the album looks good. The lyrics are included in his CD, which is certainly enjoyable for the listener.
Guess Who’s Back introduces you into a Detroit hustler’s world. Rhythmic and lyrically enjoyable, it will certainly please the listener’s ears. Shane Capone can flow too.
Walk With Me starts in a dark hood style combined with some keyboard and drum sounds. Walk with him and enjoy the nice Rock City style he put into his song.
A Pen And A Mic is all about reality raps. Being white and reciting your 8 Mile script ain’t enough to be convincing when you‘re an emcee, you have to be convincing in your words and actions. Shane Capone is back to set the record straight.
Among the tracks I liked very much, I’d recommend you Guess Who’s Back, Ain’t Fucking Around, A Pen and A Mic and Theme Of A Hustler.
Globally, Shane Capone did some good work. A good flow delivery, some catchy beats and good instrumentals and a great lyrical effort make this album highly enjoyable for the listener.
Listen to the 14 track CD and enjoy Shane Capone’s particular « Detroit pimping » style.
DVD review
The DVD is divided in 4 parts:
-Ain’t fucking around video
-the making of the video
– XXX tra shit
The documentary will allow you to travel through the streets of Detroit and to have some insight about the dramatic circumstances of Shane Capone’s childhood. This part is also very informative for people who want to learn more about the early days of Detroit rap. Shane takes you back to the days Eminem and Uncle ILL were collaborating with local rapper Champtown and were both featured in his Doo Da Dippity video.
Part II will allow you to watch the video to the Ain’t Fucking Around song. If you like it gangsta and hardcore, you will probably enjoy the hustler theme video.
Part III will reveal you the secrets of the making of Ain’t Fucking Around. Guns , cars and hot girls are on Shane Capone’s list.
Part 4 is obviously some « XXXtra shit » aimed at an adult public. If you’re not too much prudish to watch this sequence , you will see Shane signing some of his groupies’ tits, bellies and butts on an Uh Huh song background that particularly fits with the situation.