Lo Key, a genuine taste of hip hop from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lo Key belongs to chose kind of very complete and creative artists who manage to combine various styles of music and who stay true to the roots of hip hop culture at the same time. Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lo Key doesn’t shy away from political engagement. His FGWB (Fuck George W. Bush) song starts with some piano sounds combined with prayer alike vocals and catchy beats, pointing out the dramatic background. The artist’s voice is combined with dark and rapid sounds. Lo Key urges people to watch the news and to open their eyes.
« I see the pain in the rise, the fear of the system, they’re crying for peace but nobody listens… »
Because of greedy politicians, so many innocent lives are taken away. Suicidal bombers spread death around them all around the world. Politicians start hypocritical « anti terrorist campaigns » forgetting that they (George Bush in particular) are the main cause of those disasters.
Nice « Fuck G.W Bush anthem » that probably won’t leave engaged hip hop lovers indifferent.
Among the other songs from The Bootleg Ep 2005 Ab Projects, I’d recommend you a very lyrical and rhythmic track such as Simply Elevated.
Lo Key whose numerous vocal and lyrical talents are exposed on his my space account is one of those emcees who manages to make you share his passion for rap music.
Influenced by numerous musical genres such as classical, jazz, rock funk and hip hop, he exploits his many original influences in order to make you feel his passion.
Original, inventive, engaged, Lo Key is also very gifted at handling instrumentals. Open your ears, listen to AbOrigine and let the instruments and the rhythm guide you into his universe.
Learn more about Lo Key on his official website.

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