Diss aimed at two internet groupies

Two nutcases who keep making fools of themselves, constantly fighting over Eminem are getting on my nerves lol So I wanted to diss them on a freestyle which is also a good recreation before working on more serious projects…Enjoy:)

Ayo, this is what happens when Stan meets Groupie Love

Gotta get this shit outta my chest

May you both not in peace rest, you are under arrest, don’t ever try my forces to test

I gotta put some fear into this scary groupie atmosphere

I spread like a bad bird flu’ virus, I am epidemic, sarcastic , pandemic

My words are bombastic, drastic against the psychotic

You pollute the air, pulling each other’s hair, how much are you in despair

You need to compare to each other, you unhealthy pair

Running after a multimillionaire (stupid golddiggaz/ fake female wiggaz)

Spreading your insults on Sirius, damn you nearly made ICP look serious (haha)

Let me call V Sinizter Out Da Cosmos to harm you and bring you back to planet earth!

Better pray for your spiritual rebirth, gotta express mirth watching what you both are worth (no motherfucking penny haha)

Stan you ain’t no fan, I’d rather call you a stupid ass kisser

Licking Illwayz’ nuts praising his music

thinking it was produced by Nathan Mathers,

this is how your credibility in no time shatters

Trying to set up some lame rhyme, stupid mime, just wasting your time

Thinking you’ll divorce (in order to marry Marshall, better bump against a wall, spreading your nutcase SOS call)

Fool go back to reality you ugly ass face

You’s a disgrace , I’ll give you the coup de grace, you’s a mental case!

You gonna lose the race, somebody needs to punch you right in the face

And make you embrace facts the way they are

You ought to know that the 4 whack lines you’re calling raps

Are similar to an illiterate’s lyrical attempt written in caps

Two faced bitches get off Em’s dick, this shit is sick,

Groupie Love, I grant you the lips and the tits

But what am I gonna say about something gay

Like Happy Hump Day

Don’t call love a feeling that could be defined as lust

People like you in no time I bust, you’re a total disgust

Thinking you’re a sweet talker when everybody knows you’s a Hailie stalker

Misspelling her name, proclaim yourself a promoter, and playing a dirty game

You lame bitches all sound the same, no personality, no name

Star struck, running after each single buck,

asking yourselves how many dicks you’ll have to suck

Oh moms, good luck! Before you get Em’s (haha)

Stan and Groupie Love just mentioned above are mad

And so fucking sad cuz Em can’t be their Superman

Get a life instead of claiming « I’m Eminem’s next to be wife! »

So now shut up Stan or I’ll smash you up you ugly ass hoe

Don’t talk about my tattoo, boo

Remember there are so many dirty details I could expose

Just under your nose!

Copyright2005 by Isabelle Esling

All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “Diss aimed at two internet groupies”

  1. I very impressed by your poetry skill. My impression makes me ill but Im still on this long queue to the till to pay my bill.
    I am new fan of this blog and I always find some intersting Eminem/Detroit-based entries that I think I will never find somewhere else on the net. Good work, keep it up. I’ll keep on visiting.

    Till then.

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