Da Shadyspot Mixtape 2005 review

Rating: four stars and a half
When some great talents unite to work together and are willing to produce some high quality hip hop, you will obtain a jewel like Da Shadyspot mixtape 2005. Well known artists like Stat Quo, Raekwon and Proof have contributed to the very enjoyable CD. What makes the CD so special? Let me tell you: Detroit is in the house. Not only the « famous » Detroit emcees, but also the numerous emcees who are Detroit’s underground’s pride like Purple Gang, Royce 5.9, 5 Ela, DJ Rick and many more.
Stat Quo introduces the mixtape with Emil’s contribution. Emil is a man who is very much involved in hip hop. He is the owner of the Da Shady Spot website, a website that is all about hip hop.
Electric guitars introduce the second track entitled « Some Amsterdamn Shit ». Brainpower and DJ Exclusive collaborate on this track that will remind some listeners of MC Hush’s « Rock Shit », which intelligently marries rock and rap sounds.
Part Of History from dK attracted my attention. The instrumentals are soft and rich (violins, bass, keyboards), good vocals and good lyrics will guide the listener into the realness of the artist’s performance. Ride with him and realize how much real emcees are a part of hip hop history.
Raptile’s performance won’t probably leave you indifferent either. The hot New Jersey rapper spits with confidence on the very rhythmic Don’t Forget It song. An ill rhymer is ready to impress his audience. No doubt: you will fully appreciate his skills.
Hot Karl’s Don’t Let The Music Stop is a very well handled part track. Rhythmic, happy and lead by a skilled rapper with a rapid flow.
Among the numerous Detroit performances, don’t miss Royce’s One Triumphant featuring Meta. Explosive lyrics, piano, violins, stormy ocean sounds mixed up with gunshots will make you feel the rough atmosphere of the whole song.
People who are fond of the Detroit style will probably also like DJ Rick’s Ghetto Superstar. DJ Rick manages to put a festive atmosphere on most of his tracks. His force also lies in the fact that he can flow. Enjoy the track that fully represents Detroit City.
Also don’t miss 5Ela’s Trademark track. 5 Ela is a group Proof has collaborated with. Enjoy some pure hip hop: the group blesses the mic on a very rapid track song with catchy beats. Very well done.
Bizarre is in the house with his enjoyable Bounce track. Sick, offensive, arrogant, hilarious as always, the Idiotic Bizarre will take you into his world. Harpsichord sound are combined with some dope ass beats and some mad lyrics that will amuse Bizzy lovers.
Strike (Remember the emcee who was opposed to Eminem in 8 Mile? Yes, the leader of the Free World, Papa Doc) is ready to take over with some real raw lyrics and sounds.
Detroit is proudly represented on the Da Shadyspot mixtape 2005. Some other good Detroit talents like Illwayz, Sindy Syringe (Bizarre’s wife), Mu and Proof are featured on this quality mixtape.
The 30 track CD will transport the listener to a high level of hip hop.
Rhythmic tracks mixed up with various, rich instrumentals, emcees with a very nice flow delivery who can spit will enchant true hip hop lovers.
The Da Shadyspot mixtape 2005 is definitely worth your interest.