Contribution X, a man of passion who spits fire

Contribution X was born on July the 5th, 1979 in Long Beach City, California.
Influenced by emcees like Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Immortal Technique( and many more) and also by amazing black musicians like Barry White, Contribution X started rapping when he was only 11.
Caught in the middle of his passion, Contribution X nearly forgot about promoting and recording his work. However within the last two years he put more efforts into that determinant aspect of the music industry.
Contribution X isn’t afraid to get political in his songs. He also describes ghetto life’s all day reality.
The listeners will probably enjoy Contribution X’s rich lyrics.
Among the songs exposed on his my space account, I’d recommend you Words Of Stone- lyrically and also for the beautiful scratches sounds in the background.
Contribution X has some more music to offer on his sound click account.
I particularly enjoyed The Underground and North Long Beach reporting featuring Napalm.
The Underground describes the hood in all its ugliness. Using some colorful and dirty words, Contribution X is like a well that never runs dry. The listener will enjoy his numerous and abundant supplies of words. Contribution X feeds your hunger while spitting some fire. Some good beats mixed up with some good instrumentals, a strong voice, a good dose of offensiveness make an interesting lyrical master of Contribution X.
Contribution X is one of those passionate emcees who perfectly knows how to keep the flame alive. Incredibly gifted player in the rap game, Contribution X is really worth your interest. Learn more about him on his official website.