Eminem Says He’s Back With Ex-Wife Kim

We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry,’ he said in a call to a Detroit radio show.

Stranger things have happened, but not many. In a call to a Detroit radio show on Tuesday, Eminem said that he is back together with his on-again, off-again and apparently on-again ex-wife, Kim Mathers. In fact, he revealed that the pair may marry.

“We have reconciled and are probably going to remarry,” Eminem told Detroit radio station WKQI-FM’s “Mojo in the Morning” show. The teenage sweetheart couple, who were married in 1998 and underwent an ugly divorce and custody battle over their daughter Hailie Jade, finalized their divorce in 2001 (see “Eminem’s Divorce From Kimberly Mathers Finalized”), though Em reportedly referred to Kim, 30, as his wife repeatedly during the interview.

Kim, who has been the unflattering subject of violent songs like “Kim” on The Marshall Mathers LP, in which Em rapped about killing his wife, attempted suicide in the couple’s home in 2000 following a hometown concert by the rapper at the Palace of Auburn Hills and was arrested on drug charges in 2003 (see “Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Mathers Charged With Drug Possession”).

Eminem also talked about his stay in a rehabilitation facility on the radio show. He was treated earlier this year for a dependency on sleeping pills (see “Eminem Hospitalized For Sleep-Medication Dependency”).

“When I went into rehab, I kind of went into it … with the notion of ‘I’m gonna get clean, I’m gonna get off this stuff before it gets too out of hand,’ ” he said. The news about the hospitalization came in August after the rapper canceled his European tour, initially citing exhaustion and unspecified “other” medical issues.

Though the 33-year-old MC denied reports in the Detroit press in July that he was retiring (see “Eminem: ‘I’m Not Retiring’ “), in the radio interview Em made it sound like he had some time off planned. “I’m at a point in my life right now where I feel like I don’t know where my career is going,” he said. “This is the reason that we called it Curtain Call, because this could be the final thing. We don’t know.” In a promotional video for the album, Em mentions that at the very least, the album is the final appearance by his Slim Shady alter ego.

Along with Tuesday’s episode of “TRL,” in which Eminem discussed his daughter Hailie, this radio call is one of the only live interviews that the rapper has planned to promote Curtain Call, according to his label, Interscope Records.

— Gil Kaufman

27 thoughts on “Eminem Says He’s Back With Ex-Wife Kim”

  1. Oh my god!!!!! shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was laughin’ like mad and i even fell off the chair when i read this…
    What is he doin’?
    Ok hes gonna retire and go back to Hailie.
    But maybe he missed the wrong girl…
    I still don’ understand that man.
    He says hes NOT gonna retire and then he quits…
    He says he wants to KILL Kim and the next day marrie her…

    Why are men like that???

  2. i wish em and kim the best. who knows what lies within ones heart. em obviously loves kim and she is the only woman who will ever love him unconditionally. you people shouldn’t be so judgmental, live your own lives. congrats to the mathers family!!!!

  3. Sometimes you stick with what you know. Marshall knows Kim and vise versa.

    Sometimes it is hard to move on when it is all you know and sometimes you think “What If” I did this, or I did that, or if I just didn’t do this or that.

    But to be honest, in the end it is all the same and nothing really changes. They have the love hate thing going on and will have it until one of them walks away for good.

    Hopefully they will work it out for their childrens sake. Him being home all the time now will put their love to the test.

    Best of luck to them both.

  4. I do consider that this is Eminem’s personal choice…I don’t allow myself to judge Marshall for choosing to remarry Kim…whether he is right or wrong about his choice, time will tell…

  5. Ofcourse I understandthat Eminem wants to and im not stoping them.
    Just that why does he say hes never gonna do it and then does it?
    Im not sayng theyre wrong and i know that they love eachother but you are right…
    I do have to study more but I dont want to because its theyre life.
    Why does everyone have to know what they do???
    Do you know who I love and who I plan to marrie in the future???

    And as I sayd im crazy so I can say some really stupid things sometimes whitch don’ match with the last thing i sayd.
    Sorry if i did it aigan and u don’ get my point.
    Happens sometimes…

    Anyway… If they do remarry I hope that they don’ plan to o it forever…
    Remarry and then devorse and remarry and then devorse aigan… The kids need theyre parents!!!!!!!!!!

  6. *Just that why does he say hes never gonna do it and then does it?*

    We all do this, don’t we?

    Marshall and kim’s life has been displayed on the net anyway…all i have talked about was already available on the net…the reason why i have displayed some details were often in defense of Eminem being accused to be a bad women beater and somebody who dissed Kim on his records…ppl need to know the truth so they will stop bashing Eminem for nothing.

  7. And aigan…
    Do you know some website to the radio U sayd that eminem has?
    I don’t think we have it in Spain and I can’t find it on the internet…
    Can u please tell me?

    Forget the part that im crazy…

    Back to the remarring story…

  8. I was lucky enough to hear the interview live on Tuesday morning. And I must say that for anyone who is a fan of Eminem it is worth listening to. I got the feeling that he is in a good place right now with himself, his wife and most importantly his life. I think that this CD is putting Slim Shady to rest and he will now move on to more “Marshall” type of things now. And lets not forget that with age comes wisdom, he isnt a kid anymore.
    I wish him much happiness with all of his endeveors homefront and music front.

  9. Well… come to think about it we do…
    Today i sayd i was gonna do it and then i didn’t. But thats the opposite…


    Im sooooo supid…


    Theres many things i wanna say but i cant cause ill say something really stupid aigan…

    God if ud see me now im so stupid im even cryn’ cause i am… I AM SO SORRY SORRY SORRY..

    Please forgive me.:(:(:(:'(:'(:'(

  10. Hey all you fellow EM fans….if anyone knows me they know that I LOVE EMINEM’s music….I think it’s great that my daughter’s b-day is the day before his*laughs*
    Well i have mixed feelings about his “retirement”….I hope that him & kim can work things out for eacho ther and of course the girls…personally i think that is who he is doing this for anyway…halie his precious lil angel….& if any of you have read they are calling the album “curtain call” because he is not sure if he is quitting or just taking a break for awhile….he made his mark that is for sure and NO ONE will 4get about EMINEM….BUT WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YA!!!!!

  11. what to write in things like this! i think Hailie is gonna be soooo happy, cause she’ probably gonna see her both parents together finally and i understand completly, but what i don’t want is for him not sing again; to stop for good.i hope he’s only gonna take some time off, so he can spend more time with Hailie, but for what i’m seeing his fans are obviously not ready for a retirement.we all have been in relationships before, some still are and we all know it’s not easy, they’re two different people with two different way of thinking.i hope they put their differences a side.Also i hope with all my heart Marshall doesn’t have to ever depend on any type of medicaton.

  12. mmkay, well i’m happy that they are gettin back together cuz that’s awsome fer hailie of course and we all know how much em loves her. But what i don’t get is why he is takin kim back when she cheated on him?? he can do better then that! like way better! and i’m not sure if everyone agrees with me but haven’t you heard the sayn “once a cheater, always a cheater”? sorry if i upset anybody…

  13. You didn’t upset me lol anybody is entitled to his/her opinion…
    there are so many “cheaters” in life, the only difference with Kim is that her mistakes have been made public…

  14. i’ve just got the opportunity for listening the radio show today.when i listened it,i was really surprised.cuz marshall said that kim and himself are probably going to remarry.i cant judge them for this.i just hope it will be really good for them,espclly for hailie.cuz kim is hailies mum.i hope kim wont do the same things to her daughter and ex-husband.i have never hated kim.cuz hailie and marsahall love her.

  15. why the hell would do that for he needs to take care of those kids with out kim. It will be hard for those kids if they break up again. He needs to find a better women then kim. Im sorry for saying that .

  16. dont ull guys remember dat wen u wer young u used to bully the gurl u used to like? u used to pull her hair n call her names ? dats what em did he just took it to a higher level heheheheh with the song “kim”.i knew all along he wud do this,its just school boy love,i hope they have a happy marriage for poor hailie’s sake,ull shud too! congrats.-g-unit soldier

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