People who become totally insane and dangerous over Eminem: psychiatric cases?

At the time Slim Shady was popping into Marshall Mathers’ head in 1997, the talented rapper had ill rhymes in his mind. He could never imagine that his evil persona would inspire so many insane people to commit the most insane and scariest actions.
A crazy Eminem fan who killed his girlfriend is currenly making the headlines.
Chistopher Duncan murdered his girlfriend. Did this insane person find his inspiration in the Stan song? Probably, considering the horrible way he killed her after entering her apartment. We know that he battered her over the head with an iron baseball bat and stuffed her unconscious into a suitcase.
This is what happens when people confuse hip hop and real life and totally misinterpret a song that was written to set an example against such crazy behaviors.
How do mad brains read a song like Stan? It looks like insane people have a tendency to appropriate themselves Stan’s foolish behavior and to ignore words like:
« I really think you and your girlfriend need each other
or maybe you just need to treat her better… »
When Eminem fans happen to be very young people, teenagers who seem to be very unstable, I think that parents should take a look at their kids’ music. Not to forbid it. Of course not. However, taking some time to explain the humor contained in those lyrics could be very useful. First of all, the teenager wouldn’t feel rejected by his parents because of his musical tastes with such a constructive and positive attitude. I never took the risk that my eldest son could misinterpret Eminem’s words. When he discovered the talented rapper, I watched the videos and shared my comprehension of the lyrics with him. We never experienced any conflictual relationship because of the music he liked.
If their sons and daughters are experiencing difficulties and happen to like Eminem’s lyrics , parents’ role is to warn them against a misinterpretation and to exhort them not to act foolishly.
If many parents stopped ridiculing their kids’ musical tastes and focused even little interest on their likes and dislikes, many crazy behaviors like suicides « because of Eminem » could certainly have been avoided.
However, teenagers are not the only ones to misinterpret Eminem’s lyrics. Some adults like Christopher Duncan or Luke Bass, who harmed his girlfriend and left her unconscious, happen to be mentally fragile. Those psychos are only giving Eminem a bad name.
Foolish or not, I don’t really feel sympathy for Eminem wannabes.
Those young and older males who dye their hair blonde and sometimes copy his tattoos, think those details will make them resemble Marshall Mathers. How ridiculous is that? Your hair might be blonde, but you don’t have the same face! You have your own face and own body. You listen to Eminem? A lot of persons do. This doesn’t make a number 1 fan of you. I think you forgot about one essential detail, even if you think you perfectly look like Marshall: go to the next shop and buy yourself…a personality! What you Eminem wannabes lack most is a personality.
Marshall Mathers is a genuine person. He managed to show some attitude and to put his pain and emotions into music and rhymes.
He is a lyrical genius and you are just one of those monkeys who imitate a human being. Those words are aimed at you:
And there’s a million of us just like me
who cuss like me; who just don’t give a fuck like me
who dress like me; walk, talk and act like me
and just might be the next best thing but not quite me! »
You are such losers. Be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody you will never be.
Dreaming teenagers often have this temporary fantasy to « marry » Eminem. Many teenagers idolize famous people, because they often represent « the ideal man » in their mind. As long as they don’t act crazy in real life, there is nothing really wrong with their « fantasy crush »
However, what should we think about two adult women beefing on non legit « Shady » websites about which of them both will be the first to « marry » the famous rapper.
I think I will have to break your dreams, silly ladies. What you call « love » has another name: it is called « lust ».
How come you want to « marry » Marshall Mathers? Are you out of your mind? You don’t know Marshall. Yes I mean it. You don’t know him. You know Eminem or Slim Shady, a fabricated persona of his. The real Marshall Mathers is totally unknown to you.
I really doubt Marshall Mathers would be interested by superficial women with no personality like the two of you (I won’t name names out of discretion, but you perfectly know who you are). Besides finding him cute, do you even listen to his music? If so, you’d know that he can’t be your Superman!
Even if you ever reached a one night stand with him, I can prophesy you that you won’t reach marriage. Why?
Listen to his lyrics taken out of Superman and realize how much Eminem doesn’t care about people like you:
« We just met and I just fucked you
But I do know one thing though
Bitches they come they go
Saturday through Sunday monday
Monday through Sunday yo
Maybe I’ll love you one day… »
Get a life, bitches instead of spending your whole life trying to marry a man who -obviously- doesn’t give a fuck about brainless losers à la Stan like you.
Ladies, you want a useful advice? Go see a psychiatrist, get cured from your mental illness and start living a normal life.
It is a matter of fact that Eminem attracts more crazy people than Cypress Hill or Nas, for instance. We might ask why.
I think I might have an answer for my readers. Marshall Mathers has invented his personas Eminem and Slim Shady. Slim Shady represents his scariest thoughts put into rhymes and poetry. Normal people take Slim Shady’s words for what they are: some astute rhymes and wordplays with a wicked sense of humor. Mentally fragile persons identify themselves with Slim Shady’s insane thoughts, thinking Slim Shady « told them to act this way » and that they will be closer to Eminem if they harm their girlfriend or by murdering someone in the street.
I have met the craziest girls and ladies. Some of them thought they were « cyber- married » to Eminem, some others obsessing on being « his new wife ». It is time those people realized that their scary obsession is a form of illness. Get yourself a medical treatment before it is too late and you start harming other people.

12 thoughts on “People who become totally insane and dangerous over Eminem: psychiatric cases?”

  1. That is so funny, I remember when I was little I wanted to marry Rob Lowe, then it was Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.
    I didn’t know any of them at all. Look at Brad Pitt, everyone thought the best of him and he cheated on his wife.
    I can see how girls get a crush on Eminem because of his bad boy charm but to MARRY him! He has admitted that he beat his wife, that he has slapped her around. He admits he cheated on her and was never around.
    Who the hell would want to marry into that. Why would someone want to be in that type of life style?
    I have to write a story for my creative writing class about a dream world. It is fun writing it and listening to people judge me for it when it is just a story.
    Marshall songs are his story in some of them. People judge him for them and some people want to be him because of them.
    They need to realize that some stories are fiction and to not believe everything you read or ignore the facts of the story because they are not what you wanted.

  2. Brooksie, you are wrong on one point: Eminem has never beaten Kim. You might not believe it, but former close friends of Marshall testified in Metro Times that Kim was physically abusive towards her ex husband. She used to slap him. Unbelievable, but true.

  3. (I’m brazilian, so sorry for my bad english). Hey, I just loved this post.I think you and me have the same opinion about these crazy fans who do these retards things.
    I think all this things just make Eminem feel bad.It’s like: My god, someone kill for me!
    And, I’m a teenager.I’m just 14, but, congratulations, you said everything that I think!

  4. Isa,
    I know that Kims hits him. They both smack each other around. He has openly admitted to it in interviews and in his songs. Like When I’m Gone and Love You More are the best examples of their abusive relationship.
    A friend of mine researched all about Marshall and that is even how we came across your site. Him and Kim have a love/hate relationship.
    They both love to hate each other, it is sad that a man who has so much going for himself is dragged down by the women who should support him but doesn’t.
    There is a lot of anger in their love and that is sad because love should make you happy. I know first hand because I use to be in a relationship like theirs but I grew up and got out.

  5. Brooksie, I have studied this love-hate relationship in former articles, but i’d be interested in links to the interviews you are talking about…i have read many of his interviews, but i must have missed the ones you are talking about…

  6. I have had crushes on lots of ppl.
    But i never wanted to marrie any.
    Now that some eminem fans kill theyre girlfriends im scared to marrie.
    When i started beang an eminem fan i was normal.
    Now im crazy.
    I don’ say its cause eminem told me to but cause i want to.

  7. I don’ think so cause im tryn’ 2 control myself. But I don’ really know cause im crazy…
    I do say stupid things sometimes and most of the time I don’ know what im talkin’ about.
    But im allsow a dreamer so I think about impossible things.

  8. toly, i’m confused over the crazy part. are you crazy for him or just “crazy” in the sense that you might need to talk to someone.
    And Isabelle have you ever meet Marshall? Just wondering. New to the site.

  9. Anne,
    Meeting Eminem is a dream I am pursuing with faith. I haven’t met him yet, but i had the chance to meet some of his fellows in 2003…

  10. Anne, I think that if I dont really wanna meet Eminem then i think im just crazy. Soon ive been crazy 4 1 year. Thats When I started beang his fan. I think it’s his music that made me crazy but in a way i wanted to be crazy so why not?
    Im still young and i can take care of myself later when its needed.
    I don’ care.

  11. Those who do those stupid n’ silly things that happen to be here…
    Listen to these songs carefully:
    ”The Way I Am”,”Stan” and ”The RealSlim Shady”.
    Listen to the words.
    And allsow those who only like him because hes cute.
    Things he sayd:
    ”Im so sick and tired of beang edmierd”,”I dont know you and no i dont own you”,”Why u so mad try to understand i do want u as a fan”(but not mad),”There are a million of us… just like me and just might be the next best thing but NOT CUYTE ME”,”Cause im the real slim shady”…
    JUST GET A CLUE!!!!!!

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