The When I’m Gone video has been leaked!

I have downloaded it and seen it this morning…Eminem has done a great job….to those who haven’t seen it yet expect a moving video, a tearjerker (different from Mockingbird, though).
I will review this video for you and keep you updated!

14 thoughts on “The When I’m Gone video has been leaked!”

  1. Gavin,this is the size of the video:35 143 598 octets…i’d be very happy if there is a way to post the video on the site…tell me what you think…

  2. Gavin, it looks like the file is really big…i am experiencing some difficulties in attaching the file…

  3. I have received it from sharing files features from other forum members…i tried to email it to Gavin for him to put it on the Eminem blog, but the file was too heavy…if i find any link, i’ll post it…in the meantime, please read my review:)

  4. This is a good Eminem video, but it’s probably gonna be his last one, and that’s not really cool, but he has to spend time with his family, because he keeps having to take sleeping pills, he can’t sleep at night, because he thinks Hailie thinks that Marshall loves his fans more. Marshall never has time to spend with Hailie, and he’s going crazy, so he has to retire. It’s sad, but the good fans will always respect his decision to leave, and remember Eminem and being one of the big dogs in the Rap game.

  5. Eminem hasn’t said anything official for the moment…maybe he just needs a break…anyway, no matter what his decision will be i will respect it and keep on supporting him. Eminem is a legend already and one of the biggest influences in hip hop. If he retires, he will be remembered for ever. Eminem won’t really quit the music industry in any case, he will keep producing artists…

  6. Im shoked n’ cold.
    That could be hes last one.
    The public wants hem.
    Hailie needs hem the most.
    What should he do?
    I think the best is 2 stop.
    Because Hailie needs hem.
    I don’ want another child 2 loose everythin’.
    I don’ have good communication with my parents but thats another story…
    If I sayd anythin’ wrong then please tell me.
    if u want then e-mail me.
    Im sad!:(:(:(

  7. yeah the song was great and i’m glad he is taking the time to spen with his children instead of his music.but that is a wonderful song right bad he is stopping music.well if he ever starts i will be there waiting. if you think i’m right then email me at thank you

  8. eminem is 1 of the best rapper and singer that i noe but people shouldnt have to treat people the way they do but i noe i was walking down the street with 1 of my friends and i had my backpack and it was halloween like this year halloween and i seen a cop and i looked and i freaked out becuz i had open alcohol in my backpack so i put the bag on the ground and the cops seen me with a backpack on and i freaked out becuz i got a $190 and im only 12 and my friend was going to tell the cops that it was mineand it was greg blueclouds he is so fucked up that he beats up on chicks i noe becuz he punched me be4 so i kicked him in the balls it’s either that or have 10 gangs after u but w/e u do don’t ever back down from something unless u noe its a bad thing but ya i don’t noe what else to say so im going so and if anyone wants 2 add me i have 2 msn’s or

  9. i really like the song its really gud even we play ay gym time and we played at my teachers b-dai party lol
    hailie is soooooo cute well ppl in my skool think dat the video when i’m gone is werid coz they think dat is not hailie jade coz they say eminem does not have the guts to bring his angel in his videoss
    email me at and

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