Bobby Creekwater, representing Atlanta, the “home of the hustlers”

Bobby Creekwater aka Antoine Rogers is the second artist from Atlanta to be signed to Shady Records after Stat Quo.
Before he started performing as a solo artist, Bobby Creekwater was originally a member of the JATIS group, a group composed by Bobby Creekwater himself and his fellow emcee from Atlanta, Charlie Jangles aka Antonio Sawyer. Jatis released an album entitled « The Saga Begins ».
Discover Jatis here.
On his my space page, “Bobby Creek” will make his introduction to the world with his Who Dat Is song. As the song starts with a reggae background, Bobby Creekwater will offer his listeners the opportunity to discover his rapid flow. Looks like everybody wants to know how that guy actually is. « Bob Creek »’s name is on everybody’s lips. Who dat is? People answer: « Bob Creek ». You want to know what time it is? Bob Creek echoes the answer. A funny song with some catchy beats that you shouldn’t miss in any case.
Did my description raise your interest? If so, you will certainly be very pleased to know that you have a lot more to discover about Bob Creekwater’s musical work.
Straight Out Da Gutta, another song from his Brilliant Mistake mixtape starts in an offensive way. Shouts, drums and loud keyboard sounds welcome you to Bobby Creekwater’s street atmosphere. The whole song will make you feel unsafe on purpose. Bobby Creekwater’s words flow on the track like rapid bullets, ready to hit their target.
Enjoy a soldier’s ode to the streets and feel him running through the streets targeting his enemies while listening to his track.
Bobby Creekwater has some various other tracks to offer to his listeners on his sound click page.
Representing the A town, Bobby Creekwater’s album will be due to release for Spring 2006. Expect some great music soon!

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  2. you are one hard dude this is you boy t.i ah do you want a record deal or do this other movie wit me hit me up creek

  3. Bobby is hot!!! His lyrics have meaning and his beats deliver his flow flawlessly! I look forward to supporting his album! Also, he does not sound like the other ATL artist. He does not sound like any other artist, he has his own identity!

  4. was up man…what it is? got someone you may be intrested in. no its not a chick sorry. but you may like him. you know how to find me….allways hot!

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