Cysion: representing Detroit out of the D town

Who said that Detroit was only represented locally?
In Atlanta, Georgia, there is one dope ass emcee known as Cysion The Slickest who will please rap lovers’ ears with his astute rhymes, his nice flow and his tight beats.
Cysion has been born and raised in Detroit City. The streets of Detroit are present in his words and sounds. Cysion has some quality raps to offer to his listeners and most of his tracks probably won’t leave you indifferent. Murderous, Cysion uses his words like the sharpest knives and slices emcees with no mercy.
Signed to the Abusive Music label, Cysion reps his city with pride.
Among the songs exposed on his my space account, I particularly recommend you « The D Against The World ». Violins, drums and keyboard sounds nicely introduce you into the Detroit City sound. With an amazing sense of realness, Cysion is taking over and killing mics. The amazing emcee manages to bring the dirty Murder Mitten spirit in his rhythmic song. The soft symphony notes of the instrumentals contrast with the harsh « made in the D » lyrics. To understand the spirit of the D, you gotta open your ears and listen to the emcees from the 313. Detroit, cold city of cement is the town of the hustle and the murder.
You need to be physically and mentally strong to survive in the 313. This particular and rough atmosphere is very well summarized by Cysion’s own words:
« The streets eat weak niggas alive / only the strong survive /got to be wise and/ never slip in on the grind. It’s all about the money and respect, cash, clothes and 304s… »
Cysion has been familiar with making beats very early- even before he started rapping:
“before I start rappin. I was makin beats bangin on the lunch table and in gym class. I used to get kicked out of school like twice a week for that. Even then I keep everybody rockin though, yellin chants and hooks and all that!”
How could I describe Cysion as an artist?
The first words that came into my mind while listening to him were: « brilliant, sharp, and dope ass beat maker.. »
Cysion is one of those amazing Detroit soldiers who won’t stay unnoticed, because you cannot stay indifferent in front of their music.
Undoubtedly gifted, offensive, Cysion represents Detroit rap outside of the D town with his very particular style that you won’t find anywhere else.
Discover more about Cysion on his official website.

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