Next artist to be featured on The Eminem blog…

I apologize to all of my readers, but Lord Raven’s profile seems to be unavailable…I will be working on another artist and let you know if I still can access his profile or if it has been deleted…
Lord Raven aka Dwayne Williamson from Connecticut…I’m not sure yet if it will be an artist review or a global review of the four songs featured on his my space account…haven’t made up my mind yet…stay tuned, folks:)

2 thoughts on “Next artist to be featured on The Eminem blog…”

  1. yo em what up i was just wonderin if u were layin the down man i mean youe lyrics is so inspirational to us u just don’t get it but if your doing this for your daughter then your doin the right thing.

  2. I’d appreciate if you’d post about Eminem on topics that are dedicated to him- which is obviously not the case here.

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