Nu Money, a dynamic duo from Milwaukee/Madison

Who are Nu Money? The dynamic duo of underground rappers from Milwaukee/Madison is composed of Steve White and Kray.
Baptized “The 60 Second Assassin” and “Best in the Mil”, Steve White is well known for his battling qualities. The young emcee, who perfectly knows how to use his words, rapidly earned some respect on the local scene and obtained a deal with the Get Right Entertainment label.
His partner Kray could be described as complementary to Steve White’s talent. Down to earth, self confident, offensive, Kray’s realness is quite undeniable. Kray’s major influence in hip hop is Lyl Wayne.
Both young men, who have released the Takeover EP have some good raps to offer to their public. Meet both rappers at the club, rhyming on scratches and keyboard backgrounds on U Drunk, introducing you into their universe. Boys and girls, hit the dance floor and let music and rhythm guide you while performing your steps.
The four tracks exposed on Nu Money’s my space account are not fully representative of what the gifted artists can do.
The listener will certainly be delighted to discover some hot mixtape samples out of Nu Money’s The Drug 3 mixtape on Nu Money’s official website.
I particularly recommend Boom Boom clap, a swinging lyrical track that intelligently combines the power of the words with pounding beats.
You will also be able to watch Nu Money’s freestyle video here.
It is also worth checking out Armony, another hot artist who joined Get Right Entertainment recently.
Don’t hesitate! Have a look at the talented artists. Nu Money are fully worth the expense.