Stop stalking him!

I am writing this article in reaction to the numerous comments on my Eminem blog regarding Eminem’s email, phone number and crib. I am getting sick of you people who don’t understand that :
1) I am not Eminem. I am Isabelle, a freelance music journalist who has studied Eminem’s life story and music in depth and who wants to share her passion for Eminem, Detroit rap and hip hop in general with all of her readers. As much as I appreciate most of your comments, I really hate it when some obsessed freaks either think they are talking to Marshall Mathers directly or that they will obtain his email by visiting my website.
2)You fools! Just a little reminder: I don’t know Eminem personally and I swear that if I did, you’d get no personal info regarding Marshall.
Why? Because I respect him and because I fully understand how much fame is a heavy burden to handle for him.
3)Do you realize that Eminem has thousands of fools chasing him like you do and his dream is to get rid of all of them? Obsessed freaks, you are a nuisance to Marshall Mathers, do you eventually get it?
Also, I am getting really sick and tired of the high number of fools coming to my personal website, telling me one after the other that they are Eminem’s « biggest fan », that they cannot live without him and that they will travel to the USA to live with him. Damnit, you scary people who flood my mailbox are insane. I wanted to barf after reading your messages.
You love Eminem? Then leave the man alone. That’s the best you could do for him.
Do you even understand the messages he leaves in his music?
Eminem recently released a song called When I’m Gone in which he expressed how much he suffered from being separated from his family and how much his public life was a burden to him!
It looks like Eminem is exhausted mentally and you crazy Stans contribute to make him feel worse. A daddy needs to spend some time with his daughter. No matter if he is famous or not, to his daughter he is not Eminem, he is just a regular man named Marshall Mathers.
Never has an artist made me feel that close to him as Eminem did with his music and what I felt while listening to his most recent track was a family father pleading for the crowd to let him go and spend some time with his beloved ones.
Won’t you allow Marshall a peace of mind? It is high time you realized he ain’t « yours » and that his family needs him.
Love the music, but for Goodness’ sake, let the man live his life!

2 thoughts on “Stop stalking him!”

  1. Enti?rement d’accord. Sa devient vraiment d?bile! Ces filles sont des hyst?riques totalement d?biles et certainement pas des fans. N’importe koi! C vraiment du d?lire complet!

  2. yo I feel ya isabelle,
    frickin obsessed damn fans….ya guys r a disgrace to Eminem….he wants space ya jackasses dont get the pic….kk…..just let isabelle alone n stop emailing er…yo listen to eminem cds n c wat he thinks abt ppl like u…. yo peace out

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