Marshall, we want Slim shady back!

When I tumbled across Eminem’s underground work recently, I admit that I became quite nostalgic while listening to the music and having a look at the astute lyrics, wordplays and numerous punch lines I rediscovered. I like the Slim Shady psychotic character, because it also refers to our own shady side, our unrevealed and mad thoughts.
I like the threat he actually represented to conventional and conservative people. I enjoyed exploring the madness and murderous mind of Slim Shady. The lines, the rhymes, the insanity of his Edgar Allan Poe alike tales combined with some good dark humor, all those elements made the day of so many avid fans.
At the end of his Encore CD, Eminem killed this evil alter ego.
What now? I think you gave many of your fans something to complain about. What about a rapid resurrection of your evil alter ego? For your fans sake, I think you gotta do something, Marshall!
Because we want Slim back! What about resurrecting your evil alter ego?
I recently visited some « Shade 45 » my space account that is supposed to promote Eminem’s radio. I was quite shocked while reading the account owner’s statements on his personal blog:
« This is not Eminem
This myspace page is just to help promote SHADE 45. Oh and one more thing to all yall muthafuckaz sayin Eminem need to go back to his old style he was so much better then and all that type of bull shit! EAT A FAT DICK!! SHADY AFTERMATH AND G-UNIT BITCH! »
What a « delicate attention » towards people who don’t share the same opinion as his. What an impressing demonstration of intelligence, I am rolling on the floor, laughing right now.
First of all, this dude is unable to spell, which gives a very bad impression about the site.
Second, I think that he totally misrepresents Shade 45 that is all about freedom of speech. I am deeply convinced that Eminem would not bash fans who prefer his former style.
I do think that many Eminem fans’ preference for Eminem’s former style is totally justified. Why? Simply because you won’t find the same structured and beautiful lyrical effort he put in his former underground and mainstream work in his current work. Compare Just Lose It and Ass Like That with Drug Ballad and with Biterphobia and you will figure it out.
I have bought Eminem’s recent Anger Management III mixtape and I admit being quite disappointed compared to what he is really capable of…
G Unit? What do I think about G Unit? You really wanna know? G Unit are a bunch of mediocre commercial rappers who sell records, but who don’t make real quality hip hop.
To me, being a supportive Eminem fan doesn’t mean that I have to follow all of the artists he supports. He probably has his reasons to support 50 Cent and G Unit, but I think that the direction their music took is all about making money and selling records, but not about pleasing their listeners with some real good hip hop.
You are not forced to agree with my statements. However, my integrity about how I feel is more important to me than what you might think. I owe my readers the truth about how I feel about an artist and his music.
In conclusion, I want Slim Shady back! Yes, I wanna hear the incredible lyrical master and the amazing story teller over and over again, because I never could get enough of him.
Eminem is a brilliant artist who can do better than Encore. It is all up to him, but I sincerely hope he will revise his judgment about Slim Shady or come up with something new, but very lyrical.
The beauty of rap music lies in an astute combination of rhythm and rhymes, hot beats and instrumental backgrounds, not in playing it cool with big cars and hoes and endorsing the role of someone you are not.
I think that the qualities I always admired most in Eminem were his integrity and his passion. I hope he will never let the flame die out.

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  1. Moi je suis s?re qui va pas laisser s’?teindre la flamme… Il a encore trop de chose ? dire.
    When i’m gone en est un tr?s belle preuve… Courage: KEEP BELIEVEING IN HIM!!!!!!!

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