Proof has beef with Detroit rapper Champtown…

You think that Deshaun Holton aka Big Proof has squashed all beefs with his fellow Detroit emcees?
Proof recently reconciled with Esham on stage while performing for his birthday party. An enormous victory in local hip hop history. His long term beef with Royce 5.9 has been squashed recently too.
However it looks like some Detroit underground rapper doesn’t exactly like Proof. His name? Champtown.
Very few people have heard about Champtown. He is nevertheless a key person in Detroit’s hip hop history of the early 90’s. Curious to know why Champtown hates Proof and why Proof dissed him first?
Stay tuned, folks! The story is quite interesting…

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  1. my brother from another mother has been taken away due to stupid stuff we need to come 2gether and stop the vilence before it’s 2 late.

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