Detroit underground artists with a huge potential who have earned my full respect

Many of you have earned my respect. If you’re not on the following list, please don’t sweat it: it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect your artistic qualities. I just wanted to gather the artists who have impressed me most on the Detroit scene since I started exploring it…
I- Mac
I have discovered Detroit group I-Mac thanks to Omar De Fati’s Detroit blog. I first listened to the Rep Tha D track and got hooked immediately. Then I explored the Ruthless Aggression mixtape and was impressed with their immense talent.
I-Mac manage to bring the raw 313 dimension in their music. They are not afraid to make you feel insecure and rep the D in a tough way. I Mac introduce you into the Detroit hood and prepare you to get ripped lyrically.
I-Mac is currently one of the dopest Detroit groups.
Mc Hush is quite a legend in Detroit. His underground work has allowed him to earn a lot of respect on the local scene long before the release of his Bulletproof album.
Hush’s numerous musical influences are present in the music of the gifted artist who intelligently marries rock and rap and who handles words in an astute way.
Although people are more focused on Hush’s latest release, I’d strongly advice them to have a look at his former Roses And Razorblades album.
Hush’s music gives you a unique taste of the streets of Detroit.
Uncle ILL
How did I find out about Detroit veteran Uncle ILL?
In fact, my passion for Eminem’s music lead me to explore his underground work in detail. I have also been very curious about the many artists who have collaborated with him. While « googling » my search in 2003, I found out about the Silent Records website that featured Uncle ILL.
Uncle ILL is very unique on the Detroit scene. He doesn’t resemble any other of his Detroit fellow emcees. Uncle ILL has a unique and raw voice, his music is rich of many different styles, the talented artist manages to mix up tango sounds as well as blues and soul with his rapping style. The instrumentals are usually very well handled. However, Uncle ILL’s instrumentals are not his only force: whoever has heard him rapping on a track can confirm that he is no stranger to wordplays and metaphors. Combined with his good flow delivery, Uncle ILL manages to give a unique taste to his art. No, Uncle ILL is not your average Detroit emcee. Not really hardcore, but still-dope as fuck.
16 years of rapping experience, an undeniable talent, an original style and the unique taste he puts into his music will enlighten the rapping master.
Check some of his music out here.
While doing some research about Detroit underground rappers, my eye suddenly caught a thread on a hip hop forum about an emcee called Lazarus. Since the people on this forum said this rapper was exceptionally skilled, visiting his website was the least that I could do.
Lazarus managed to bring me back to the passionate atmosphere of the 8 Mile battles. The young emcee spits with an amazing dexterity and rips his enemies off with no mercy.
Trick Trick
Trick Trick owns the streets of Detroit. Trick Trick immediately earned my respect when I started listening to his music. He has a tough gangsta-pimping style that fully represents Detroit and a lot of artistic qualities. His particular voice, his good instrumentals and beats, his attitude make him so likeable on the Detroit scene.
You wanna know how Trick Trick rolls? Check out his sound click page here.
It will also allow you to discover the various panel of artists Trick Trick collaborates with.
Big Verb
Big Verb is one of those Detroit artists who will barely leave you indifferent. Detroit’s battle cat. Verb handles his words, instruments and beats very well.
His honesty and his dedication to the Detroit hood fully appears in his music. The emcee can be characterized by his realness. A nice flow delivery combined with rich instrumentals make this emcee really worth your attention.
Big Verb is real and talented. He doesn’t always get the attention he deserves. I wish some major label focused on the talented Detroiter soon.
P Dog
Detroit DJ P Dog is currently my favorite Detroit DJ. Honestly, I think that nobody handles turntables as well as him.
P Dog earns his Turntable Bully nickname very well, he bullies his adversaries on his tracks and leaves them no chance of survival. He has a raw and unique style.
P Dog talks with his hands with an amazing dexterity. He manages to communicate his enthusiasm and passion to his listeners. His art is rich of many interesting Detroit artistic collaborations such as Proof, Bizarre, Purple Gang, Moe Dirdee and many more.
P Dog handles scratches and sharp sounds very well. He is probably one of the most underrated Detroit artists, but he has the potential to make it real big someday.