Technique De Elite, an emcee from Auburn Hills, Michigan, tells about his struggles…

You gotta love the way his beats and instruments introduce you into a battling atmosphere. Technique De Elite manages to give you the feeling of a man who is running against time, because he wants to achieve his goals. Bass , drums and electric guitar sounds introduce you into a man’s daily stress while listening to Untitled.
Technique De Elite handles beat and instruments very well. You could barely ignore his good sounding instrumentals.
Head to the sky raises the many difficulties of an aspiring emcee who produces dope rhymes, but whose struggle to get a record deal is far from easy. This is the story of a 14 year old man from the ghetto who faces many obstacles. Yes, it is hard to be positive when you come from a harsh environment. Head to the sky is like a prayer addressed to God. Many aspiring emcees can relate to rough and broke days.
People always praise artists when they are at the top. However, they barely realize the huge investment, the years of hard work in the shadow along with the harsh ghetto experience a rap artist can get through before getting into the spotlight of an enthusiastic public.
Technique De Elite has some real good beats and lyrics to offer to his listeners. Curious to know more about his music?
Check him out here.