Happy Birthday Eminem!

Em, if you ever read this post, those are my birthday wishes addressed to you. I know that you have been through a lot those last months and that you are probably overworked.
I want you to know that I will always support you, no matter what kind of decision you will take about your career.
I sincerely hope that this birthday will be a happy and good one.
I wish you a happy birthday in my name and in the name of all your true fans all over the world.
This freestyle I have written is my little present for you.
Wishing you all the best and thanks for changing my life positively the way you did.

Freestyle (dedicated to Marshall Mathers III, for his 33th birthday)
Haven’t written a freestyle for a while
(Gotta get something out of my chest, haters, you are now under arrest!)
I feel like it’s rhyme time, let me perfect my crime,
Time to battle against those Stans with no balls
Sending some desperate SOS calls
And those crazy chicks who act like they had dicks,
Full of frustration about your recent show cancellation…
I bet you people need a clear translation
Against the hateful, I’m gonna raise hell and yell
It’s scary: some dickheads put Marshall so much on a pedestal
That they sent him directly to the hospital
Yes, Em cancelled a show, and still he is the man,
Can’t you see that he’s only human?
Still, he could smash your brain in a freestyle,
Break your disdain and make you look insane!
Showing that your complaint ain’t worthwhile, allright Kyle?
There’s no logical reason for your anger to grow!
Damn, don’t claim to be a fan
You’re just some whining gay man
Dissing instead of being grateful
Image of the fateful and the hateful
Marshall, you have been sick,
Lots of people wish you to get well very quick,
And maybe to make another great song with Trick Trick,
Our only query is for you a fast recovery,
Take some time for your loved ones,
We all wish for your sickness to go away,
Today is a special day, guess what I’d like to say in first place:
« Man, thank you and happy birthday , have a wonderful day! »
Copyright October2005 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eminem!”

  1. HAPPY B-DAY SLIM SHADY…i’m listening to your old sh*t right now and man can’t stop listening to you 24/7. DONT RETIRE MAN, we need you to keep the RAP GAME fueled!!! w/0 yea sh*t will unfortunately HIT THE FAN!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey yo eminem Slim Shady and Marshall happy birthday man! hope it’s filled with love and true happiness and i hope you get to spend alot more time wit your family cos that’s the way it’s supposed to be! hope that you get better soon and all i can say is that i’m praying for you and no matter what you choose to do in the near future i will always support you and be behind you all tha way because i know deep down in my heart you are always going to be here with us and even if your not bringing out songs i know that the songs that you have already brought out will be enough to keep me going. you are an inspiration to us all and i will always love you and i also have to thankyou for saving my life in so many ways and at so many times! LOVE YOU MARSHALL MATHERS AND I REALLY WISH YOU ALL THE BEST AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Happy birthday, greetings from a cold Pennybridge (The city of Örebro in swedish), Sweden. Hope everythings good under the circumstances.

  4. Who would have thout that one man can change so many lives. And we’re not talking about God or Jesus or someone, we’re talking about an ordinary man like anyone: Eminem.
    I love every song, every rhime, every word, you have ever made. And what ever choice you make i will be your fan even in the afterlife. Noone will ever be as good as you are.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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