Let’s get political…

Ok, this is one of my rants against Mr Bush…if you like him, you better stop reading this article immediately.. you can also continue…at your own risk!
It is no secret to people who know me that I don’t like Bush. No, I really don’t like the President of the United States of America…
However, my Bush bashing attitude has nothing to do with the global anti-American French attitude. I despise French politicians as well.
I happen to like America and many of its citizens. I like Americans’ creative and innovative way of thinking and I have learnt a lot from my American buddies. So please don’t misinterpret me and misquote me as an anti-American person. I am not and will never be such kind of hater.
Having grown up in a bilingual German/ French environment, I don’t really feel like a French citizen. My granny used to teach me German history and I used to speak German at home. My use of the French language was limited to school and the outside world, most of the time.
Today, I define myself as a citizen of the world and as such I do think that I am entitled to raise my voice against a man like George W Bush who leads not only his country, but the whole world to an immense disaster.
I have been objected many times that I should not care and not feel concerned about who leads America, simply because I am foreigner. Yes, I am European, but I have studied geopolitics at University and I do believe that the world we live in is like a big cobweb. We-citizens of the world- are interdependent, much more than many people think. Not only should we feel concerned about what happens in America, but about the whole world. In the all about money and selfish world we live in, human solidarity is merely an emergency case. You don’t feel concerned by the Tsunami disaster? Then you ought to know that any country (including yours, buddy!) might face some serious difficulties someday and need international help sooner or later.
Back to Mr Bush. Many people complain about the consequences of the terrorism, but they are not ready to attack the cause. The direct cause to terrorism is Mr Bush.
Many of you people hate the terrorists and their methods. I don’t like their methods either, because many innocent people get killed when bombs explode all around the world. Have you ever thought about what motivates terrorists to act that way? Do you realize what has been done to their people?
Do you find normal that George Bush encourages his soldiers to torture innocent people in Iraq and to put their Holy Quran in the toilets, which is a huge sign of disrespect, as far as I am concerned.
Why does Bush send 18 year old boys to death?
Let me tell you what: Bush’s greatest motivation is called: oil, domination and money!
Bush’s intention is not to install a democracy, but rather to control Iraqi people’s freedom. Bush is a dictator who is ready to do anything possible to satisfy his big hegemony will.
Some American people think that it is ok for Bush’s troops to torture people and to humiliate them, « because the terrorists have killed people too ».
I don’t agree with those kind of statements. The population in Iraq and in Afghanistan is not responsible for Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein’s behaviors. Many people live in poverty in those countries and they don’t deserve such demeaning treatment.
Maybe the terrorists should target the White House, kill Laura and her husband- instead of killing innocent people.
Then justice would be done.

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