Asylum7: a Detroit politically engaged emcee who produces some dope ass beats

Asylum 7 aka A7 is a Detroit solo artist who was born and raised in the D town. A7 started freestyling and writing rhymes since he was 16. Constantly developing his talent, he eventually released his album, Brown Study EP.
How does A7 define his music?
« Something honest and natural………authentic. »
Moreover, A7 has some consistent to say and I respect that.
In Politicks, Asylum 7 expresses his concern about the political situation in America. The definitely bush bashing track offers the listener an act of resistance against the Bush administration .While half of the comfortable population in America supports the dictatorship, ghetto people keep struggling in their misery, experiencing discrimination. The jazzy and very rhythmic track appeals to people’s consciousness against the Bush government’s whereabouts.
The courageous emcee battles against many forms of discrimination: inequality of education means, color discrimination, inequality of treatment whether you are rich or poor…the underprivileged classes lead a constant fight against an hypocritical government.
Asylum 7 brings a true meaning to his lyrics and produces some dope beats that are worth listening to. I hope I increased your appetite for more. Check out A7’s my space account.