Wreckidz Perfect Storm mixtape review

Rating: Four stars and a half
Mr Nash and Shuteye introduce the first track, Holla Back, a nice hood anthem.
While both emcees spit with enthusiasm and call out their rival emces, light toothing-stone sounds and drums introduce you into a euphoric atmosphere and make you feel the pleasure of being a player in the rap game. Throw your hands up and Holla Back at the gifted emcees.
Step up in the colorful world of addiction and discover Jimmy Gattz’ talent in a very energetic flow delivery. Drug Music, either you love it or lose it, hate it or use it. Jimmy Gattz spits for criminals and produces some raw energy through his presence. A track that will get you hooked in no time. Instrumentally rich (pianos, drums, violins, keyboards), rhythmic, Jimmy Gattz’ rapid flow and amazing lyrical ability will probably enchant many of you.
Fuck The Radio is probably one of the most interesting tracks from the whole mixtape, because it raises the interesting debate « mainstream rap vs. underground rap ». True hip hop lovers know that the roots of rap music are to be found in non commercial tracks.
Fuck The Radio raises the problematic of the labels forcing rappers to be commercial. Hip Hop is in the state of 911 , Sham and Poseidon perfectly know it. Against a cliché hip hop, both emcees are determined not to follow rules made by the FCC and they will flow the way they are used to. Fuck the Radio breaks the dictatorship of the media. Sham and Poseidon’s way of expressing it is very moving, because they obviously want to stay true to hip hop rather than making big money. Fuck The Radio, and let true hip hop invade you space and rock your universe. No place for bling bling rap, both rappers made it perfectly clear.
Mat Pat introduces you into a nice track, Kid Named MP that is all about a skilled rapper. Good lyrics, an emcee who flows with confidence and a soft melody reinforced by some nostalgic notes won’t leave the listener indifferent.
Blazey Blah is the anti blah blah blah song that is aimed at people who run their mouths in vain brought to you by D.O.G.
Short piano sounds represent the menace against all those people who talk in vain.
Don’t miss Ground Zero a very well lyrically handled song featuring Sham.
Globally the Perfect Storm mixtape is a masterpiece of work. Big props to Mr Dilligence for producing this great CD. Lyrical masters like Mr Nash, Jimmy Gattz, Sham, Shuteye and many other very valuable emcees have contributed to this musical jewel. Instrumentally, very original work has been done and I the album deserves much praise for that too.
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