25 thoughts on “Debbie Mathers’ “Dear Marshall” song”

  1. Hey, i just came up to this blog while researching eminems current situation..this blog is great, youre great at writing. ever think about starting up a magazine ­čśŤ ?? keep up the good work and thanks for the info.
    eminem rocks.

  2. Thanks,Maria , for your positive feedback. Yea, i have thought about launching a mag…i had a partner, but we did not agree on things that were essential to me (like my integrity as a journalist and my loyalty towards Em), so i retired from that project.
    I lack financial means for the moment for such a huge project…but i am confident for the future:)

  3. I think that song is great. I can feel for her as a mom. You can only do the best you think and use the only tools you have yes we make mistakes, but, come on Marshall is 32 years old maybe he needs to face a little reality himself.

  4. Marshall has been through harsh things during his childhood with his mom…and there might always remain some resentment between both of them…but Debbie is and will remain his one and only mom…would be cool if they reconciled…

  5. Isa Marshall isn’t the only one who has been through harsh things… I feel for the man.. but, he would probally be happier if he did reconcile with his Mom…you are right it would be cool. Thanks for sharing your love of Marshall

  6. no problem…this person says she is unable to listen to the song and i told her to try the link to download it…

  7. wow, this is really great. You r doun a v good job, its like eminem dairy only written by another person, keep it up

  8. You know, I didn’t listen to the song but judging by the way he sings about how Hailie won’t be at Debbie’s funeral in “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” I think he really hates her. Or how in “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” also by Em ft. Hailie Jade, his daughter he says “It’s like my mother always told me, rene rene rene rene rene rene and god damnit you little motherfu*ker if you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say then don’t say nothin'” and then he goes “Uh… f*ck that sh*t bi*ch…” So I really don’t think he has any nice feelings toward his mother, and at one of his concerts which I attended, his manager Dr. Dre was there, and before Em started singing “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” Dre had the crowd saying “F*ck you Debbie Debbie!” Over and over again. I feel for Debbie in a way but she has done Em wrong, and like Em says in “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” – “You selfish bi*ch I hope you fu*cking burn in hell for this sh*t!” So I have to side with Em on this one. Sorry Debbie!

  9. You are right…Eminem the artist hates his mom…he uses his music as an outlet for his rage…however and despite the problems he might have experienced with his mom in his private life since he was a child, the real Marshall Mathers’ feelings towards his mom are unknown to all of us…unless somebody can claim to be a close friend of his, one doesn’t really know…btw, it has been proven that Marshall Mathers has always stayed in touch with his mom…he even sent her a card for Mother’s Day a few years ago…it would be honest to admit that actually we don’t know…well that’s my point of view…the listener must be able to make a difference between entertainment and REAL life.
    Eminem also put Kim on his CD and wrote some hateful lyrics against her…but his actions always proved that he deeply loved this woman.
    We all need to be careful in judging words he simply put on a CD.

  10. I will express about Em very soon…he announced an new album on Hot 97! So expect an article very soon, at least before his b’day:)

  11. What could I do besides being sad? I’d keep my passion for hip hop alive, that’s all i can say…why that question?

  12. No, he likes black women. He dated one in Highschool. [Please don’t ask how I know that…] and Isabelle, that question because I was thinking about it… I think I would kill myself I’m in LOVE with him….
    *sighs and fanasizes…erm….something* lol

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