3rd Rail Records A&R/ The Affiliates CD album review

3rd Rail Records A&R / The Affiliates CD album review
Rating: 4 stars
The 3rd Rail Records A&R group are a Detroit crew of rappers composed of Detroit Red, Arch Bishop, Sandz (Painz and Tan Trum) and Poppi Chulo . Sandz introduce the first song, Holla Atcha Boy and will teach you how to get crunk in no time at the club. As the song introduces you into hood life, it offers you a colorful description of a sick bottle-sipping crew (Painz and Tan Trum) that is determined to get drunk.
People who are used to drinking will confirm you this: when you’re drunk, you often have this magical feeling of being untouched inside of you. A warning for people who are used to running their mouth not to fuck with them “untouchables”.
In Popping Bottles, words flow as fast a the so much desired liquid into the beer glasses. Poppi Chulo defines himself as a bottler. You will enjoy the way Poppy Chulo addresses to the bartender while the liquid runs into the glass. A rhythmic and thuggish chill out track.
Instruments offer a great variety of sounds: from light piano notes to dark drum and keyboard sounds, the music is a constant invite to enter into the 3rd Rail Records A&R’s gangsta universe and to enjoy the chill-out beer-sipping and party cracking atmosphere.
Your ear will certainly be caught by an emcee with a huge lyrical potential: Detroit Red, a rapper who fully masters his craft in Still Drinking. Welcome to an alcoholic man’s world. Still Drinking fully illustrates Detroit Red’s talent. Let his voice invade your space and travel through a liquid universe made of Heinecken cans and rhum bottles. Not only does Detroit Red give you a colorful description of a drinker’s with its visions. He draws the addiction and the way it destroys body and mind in a very realistic way. The Still Drinking track is worth your attention. It also features Bishop and Sandz. Lyrically and instrumentally, you will feel the intense navigation in a sea of alcohol as words flow and problems come up to the surface.
A contrast of light and dark sounds represent the inside struggles of the mad drinker trying to forget his pain. He’s feeling sick to his stomach, he has lost his job, is about to get evicted his baby’s mama is talking shit and he’s still drinking…enjoy this never ending circle truly expressed through words and music.
City Walk by Sandz is a down-to-earth approach of Detroit City. In the cold, blue collar city, the crew steps to the club with confidence.
Rules We Abide is instrumentally wealthy of string instruments, bass and drums. It reminds you of the rules of the street. You’d better be aware of them.
Never be a snitch, for instance. You might end up very badly.
I recommend you Underground King by Poppi Chulo.
Well written, the track intelligently marries words and music. Confident about his underground king status, Poppi Chulo spits with a very nice flow delivery and fully represents the 313.
Globally, the album is well handled by a crew that is made of various talents.
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