I-Mac Ruthless Aggression mixtape review

Rating: four stars and a half
I discovered I-Mac a few months ago. I-Mac means Images Music Character.
One of their tracks, Rep Tha D, got me hooked immediately.
I-Mac is a Detroit group that is composed of Hash, Zoe and Reag.
The talented rappers flow with conviction and bring the streets of Detroit on their CD.
Rep Th a D is a hot track that fully represents the D. It starts with an offensive gun talk style, harsh keyboard sounds and some hot beats . The song hasn’t been written for sensitive souls: it exposes the reality of the Detroit ghetto, a place where you can get shot in no time. No time for talk except for weapon talks. Violence explodes from everywhere: aggressions, liquor stores robberies, murders. Drug deals are part of the game too. Killers don’t play. So you’d better not fuck with them.
Raw voices and three members with an attitude, a scary atmosphere, slit windows and gun sounds, hot beats will make you like that scary typical Detroit ghetto tale. A dark environment and offensive army of courageous Detroit ghetto soldiers will manage to make you feel their love and pride for their city.
Another well written track is the Lean Back Freestyle that enlightens Hash’s talent whose words flow like drops of pouring rain.
Drums, keyboards, flute, numerous violins, oriental sounds and rapid beats illuminate Hash’s introduction. Feel the fight of a man who is definitely gangsta.
Be ready for a lyrical aggression that will highly please your ears.
In Stomp em Out, the I-Mac is down in the club, determined to beat up any « hoe ass nigga ». Repeated and watered sound will make you feel the repetition of an aggression that is obviously reenacted each time somebody tries to fuck with them. Gun shots also belong to the well handled gangsta game.
Be ready to get trampled down musically. I Mac is taking over.
When the nine goes off…you take the risk to get shot in the face. Rapid flows from the trio, nice lyrics, allusions to Biggie and Pac introduce the public into a run off atmosphere. The song that starts with a rapid rhythm ends up in a strange and slow way like tragically life endings through the gun.
Freestyle points out I-Mac’s lyrical ability. Words flow to you like a tornado taking you away in the middle of a lyrical storm.
Globally I-Mac’s mixtape is the fruit of three men’s passion for their hometown. Musically and lyrically well handled, aggressive and violent on purpose, I-Mac expose the Detroit hood with pride. You’d better believe the hype is real.
Many tracks like Freestyle, Rep Tha D, Come And Git Me beautifully illustrate I-Mac’s high level of skills.
Don’t miss « I Can Take You Down », a song that introduces you into a total hustling atmosphere. Again you will enjoy lyrics and flow, a nice handled rhythm enriched with drums and bass sounds.
Ruthless Aggression is one of the hottest Detroit mixtapes that I highly recommend to hip hop lovers. Check it out here.

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  1. You’re something else girl. You should be writing for your own damn magazine. I’m gonna check out I-Mac and let you know what I think.

  2. Count,
    thanks a lot for your compliments…i would love to start my own hip hop mag, my only trouble is that i lack financial means for the moment to launch such a project.
    I-Mac is one of the hottest Detroit groups…along with Trick Trick…this is real gangsta shit:)

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