Rumors of Eminem’s retirement: justified or not?

Some say that Eminem will put an end to his career, some others deny it. Many of you might ask yourselves where the truth actually lies.
My goal is to offer you a clarification of the situation based on Slim Shady’s own recent quotes and 50 Cents’s most recent statements…
After the unpleasant news of the cancellation of the European Anger Management Tour and of his hospitalization, a British tabloid implied that there were great chances for Eminem to put a definitive end to his public career.
A few weeks before, the Detroit Free Press had spread the news that Marshall Mathers would quit the rap game in order to spend more time in producing other artists.
During the US tour, Eminem had firmly denied those rumors, asking the crowd not to believe in what they read from the tabloids.
Now that he is hospitalized and being treated for exhaustion and sleep medication dependency, some of his fans feel totally disorientated and anxious to know if there will ever be another Eminem tour.
The recently released Shade 45 magazine and 50 Cent’s recent statements might enlighten you about Eminem’s position. However, you must be very aware of the fact that it won’t bring you 100% sure answers to your questions.
Simply because Eminem himself doesn’t know yet if he will quit the rap game.
Since the release of The Eminem Show, Marshall shared some of his anxieties with his fans about the high price he had to pay for reaching such a level of fame. In Encore, Eminem kills his public and then commits suicide.
It seems to be quite clear that Marshall Mathers is tired of his Eminem and Slim Shady personas. He wants to become Marshall again. Symbolically, the end of Encore that is marked by the devilish act of killing the public and himself afterwards, indicates the step into a new musical direction. Marshall Mathers is taking the crowd with him, whatever this new direction might be.
In the chorus of his song Rain Man, Eminem states:
« Cause I ain’t got no legs!
Or no brain, nice to meet you
Hi, my name is…
I forgot my name!
My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame
My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is….
Rain Man… »

People seem to forget it, but Eminem never thought that he would ever reach such a high level of fame and he went to the top so fast, unprepared for the many pressures he would have to face as a celebrity.
This high level of fame and losing his anonymity for ever made Eminem feel like being captured in a golden cage and also make him wanna leave his hectic public life.
Also, Marshall always expressed the wish to spend more time with Hailie and Lainie.
One thing is sure: Eminem hasn’t made a definitive decision yet.
Eminem is not that kind of emcee who says he is retiring and who will come out with a new CD several years later. Which makes an official decision of retirement definitive:
« I don’t ever want to be a rapper who says he is retiring and then two years later comes out with an album because people kind of look at you funny like « You just said you were retiring-we kind of wrote you off. » (Eminem)
50 Cent recently denied rumors of retirement concerning Eminem. He also stated that Marshall was in a better health condition since his hospitalization:
« I’ve been in touch with him and he’s doing better. »
According to him, Eminem might even tour with him when he will feel better:
” I don’t know how long it will be before Em is back up again, but if it’s up to me another tour will happen.”Eminem is going to make more music. Trust me. He’ll be back in the studios as soon as he’s physically up to it. I’ll take my schedule and push it around so that when he’s coming back we’re both coming back together. “
When Eminem will be better, he will make some more music to please our ears:
« Eminem is going to make more music. Trust me. He’ll be back in the studios as soon as he’s physically up to it. »
I think we fans can fully trust Em on that point. Similar to the Rain Man character, he will keep on doing what he does best. Don’t forget that rap music is his life and don’t worry: Eminem needs a break, but he will be back with some more creative energy. Just trust him!