Rapper-kidnapper, an astute concept brought to you by Detroit rapper Mr Scrillion aka Adam Thick

In Detroit lives an underground rapper who is known not only for his raps, but also for his numerous kidnapping shows. His name? Mr Scrillion aka Adam Thick.
Adam Thick started getting involved in the rap game in 1998. Adam, who owns an independent label, Goldfinger Records, has already released 4 records.
In the beginning, he didn’t really get attention for his rapping skills. It is always difficult to get started when you’re an unsigned rapper.
To quote him:
« Its easier getting noticed stuffing someone in your trunk, than it is for rapping » (Adam Thick)
However, things changed in 2002, because Mr Scrillion aka Adam Thick is not only a rapper, but also an astute entrepreneur.
In 2002, he decided to launch his own company, EXTREMEKIDNAPPING.
How extreme kidnapping works
Some of you might be worried about how Adam Thick works. Do people take the risk to be kidnapped in the streets of Detroit if they happen to encounter Adam by coincidence? Does he harm his victims?
Don’t panic! Mr Scrillion’s « victims » have paid a few hundred dollars to arrange their own kidnapping. And no, Mr Scrillion doesn’t harm his « victims ».
The « victim » chooses his scenario. The price depends on the option chosen by the client. Prices vary from $150 to $1000-2000.
Working together with 2 kidnapping teams (The Elite All Girls Kidnapping Team and the Henchman), the former psychology student handles everything in a very smart way.
Usually, the Henchman crew operate for hardcore movie style kidnapping adventures, while Adam’s girl team provides fantasy adventures to their clients.
How come that some people want to be paid to be kidnapped?
Some people are avid of adventure and are so eager to live an intense experience.
How does Adam proceed to kidnap his victims?
First of all, he keeps informed about his « victim’s » whereabouts. Then he chooses carefully the place where the abduction shall happen (sometimes, depending on the client’s specific demand, he avoids overcrowded places) and make the crazy kidnapping happen, helped by his female co-workers or by the Henchman.
Any problems with the abduction of his victim?
Despite the fact Adam Thick’s company is legal, the police isn’t always pleased with the abductions that might happen, because of the witnesses who might miss the company’s logo and report the kidnapping.
Once, the police suspected Adam and the Henchman
The « Mr Scrillion » character
Maybe Adam Thick is one of the weirdest rappers on the Detroit scene. Can you imagine a man wearing a dead octopus on his head? The octopus represents Adam Thick’s trademark. Strange? Yes, but certainly an original way to get noticed, which is very important when you’re an unsigned rapper.
You must actually be a Detroit resident to fully understand the meaning of the octopus symbol. In Detroit, Redwings hockey fans throw octopi out onto the rink during hockey games. This phenomenon partially inspired Mr Scrillion, who also likes octopi. Octopi are known for being intelligent animals that can get into a lot of things with their 8 tentacles. This is part of the Goldfinger concept. Adam Thick is a man of many hats, as you would probably know.
Featured in numerous magazines, radio and Tv shows, Adam has certainly raised a lot of interest from the public. The only thing that he regrets? People seem to have focused more on extreme kidnapping than on his music itself!
His musical career
Adam Thick started writing lyrics since 1993. In the mid 90’s, he used to belong to a group called « All That ». When Mr Scrillion’s partner got married and moved out of Michigan in order to attend to a medical school, he left the group.
Mr Scrillion has actually 3 Cds and a 7 EP cassette at his active:
-his first musical work is a 7 EP cassette entitled « Mr Srillion aka Adam Thick- Goldfinger Connection ». It is a very limited edition.
-Mr Scrillion’s debut full length Cd was released in the Summer of 2001. It is entitled Mr.Scrillion aka Adam Thick – Lifestyles of the Shady N Neurotic.
– Mr Scrillion ‘s next CD came out on June 2002 under the title « Adam Thick- Anti Hero »
-Adam Thick’s most recent release (2004) is The Pale Hustlini.
Not only is Adam Thick a rapper and a kidnapper. He is also the full time writer for a magazine called Blacklisted!411 “The Official Hackers Magazine”.
How does Adam think aka Mr Scrillion sound?
A musical online source (music editor.com) described his style as « Eminem meeting Weird Al » (music editor.com does no longer exist). His grave voice and bass sounds I have heard in several tracks would rather make me think about some Ice T gangsta tracks.
No wonder. Ice T and NWA were his first influences:
« It all started back in 1989. I got my first taste of rap music. It was music to my ears.
The first rap though that really caught my attention was ICE-T and NWA. Hardcore gangster rap at the time, was the most blatant form of self expression available, and no one did it better than ICE and NWA. I was hooked. » (Adam Thick)
Adam Thick’s myspace account will give you an idea about how he actually sounds.
Also, you will be able to listen to some of Adam Thick’s audio samples and read some reviews here.
Mr Scrillion’s latest adventure
In May 2005, Adam Thick was contacted by FHM, For Him Magazine from Holland.
The Dutch magazine sent journalist Amir Andriesse to Detroit with the mission to learn how to rap. Adam Thick was invested with the mission to be Amir’s guide and instructor. Thanks to Mr Scrillion , Amir met a crew of Detroit veterans from the local scene who introduced him into into the Detroit rapping style. After getting a few instructions and a little help from the rapping crew. This is how Amir was transformed into Triple A in no time. This adventure allowed Amir to be featured in several local newspapers. Amir even recorded his own track.
Adam Thick is currently launching a new project that inspired by Amir’s successful adventure in the world of Detroit rap.
The Rap Bootcamp project is open to anybody who would like to have an experience with the Detroit rap scene- for a modest price.
The Rap Bootcamp website is coming soon.
If Adam Thick aka Mr Scrillion has raised your curiosity and make you hungry for more , check out his numerous links and you will discover the fascinating personality he actually is.

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