The creation of Shade 45: a great victory in the freedom of speech battle

Back in the days when Eminem was a raising star, the talented artist, who is used to speak his mind was confronted by many censorship problems.
A few years ago, the FCC ruled against The Real Slim Shady song, describing it as « indecent ».
The FCC condemned a Colorado Springs radio station, KKMG, for playing an uncensored version of the song to pay $7000.
The GLAAD, Lynne Cheney and many conceited haters from the middle classes have tried to shut him down.
The high degree of censorship applied about Eminem’s songs is also noticeable in his videos. The attentive listener has certainly noticed that the Purple Pills song became the Purple Hills video. Also, « Fuck Bush » is not audible in the Mosh video. So many other examples about censorship could be found regarding Eminem’s musical work.
It is quite ironic to find so many restrictions to free speech in the so called country of freedom?
One of Marshall Mathers’ major struggles is about freedom of speech, particularly regarding artistic expression. A fight that he has won last October by launching his own satellite radio, Shade 45 in collaboration with the Sirius network at the Shady National Convention (SNC) in NYC.
How did the Shade 45 radio station project get started?
« It sort came to us; we didn’t search for it. The idea was presented to us because Interscope had a relation with Sirius through Jimmy Iovine. They were discussing what kind of channel they could put together with Interscope artists or Interscope itself. The people in Sirius said they were really interested in doing something with Em. Em and I were, of course, blown away by the opportunity to have a radio station. Who wouldn’t be? We figured out the basics- what it was going to sound like, what it was going to be about- and just started building it from the scratch. I think the most appealing aspect is we could do whatever we wanted. We can play whatever the fuck we want. That’s a pretty great feeling to have, and an incredible freedom. » (Paul Rosenberg)
Not only does Sirius allow Eminem to fully speak his mind, but it allows other rappers to raise their voices and to be featured on Shade 45’s show. 50 Cent and DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, for instance, have their own shows.
It will also allow you to discover less known emcees like Lord Sear.
Everything in an unrestricted speech area. Rappers are free to say whatever they want to and that’s really cool.
You guessed it: Shade 45, Eminem’s radio, is all about hip hop. Check it out: there are possibilities to get a limited free trial for Sirius. All you have to do is to sign up on the Shade 45 website.

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