Who is Mad Dog Reunion?

Dean Thompson aka Mad Dog Reunion started playing the guitar since he was 18 years old. The world of rock has been a huge source of inspiration to him.
Dean played instruments (bass, guitar and drums) in various bands.
Dean has played in different bands before starting Mad Dog Reunion in 2001.
Dean now works as a solo artist. His influences? The Manics, Muse and various other bands.
Playing in many bands from the UK to France, Dean decided to run a solo career. He eventually managed to get a small record deal with Chromium Records.
On Chromium Records’ website, you will find Mad Dog Reunion. You will also be able to vote for him or for your favorite unsigned band.
How does Mad Dog Reunion sound?
Alternative rock lovers will probably enjoy Mad Dog Reunion. His voice gives a rather soft note that contrasts with the raw instrumentals (mostly electric guitar and drums).
Into The Dirt and Without You are well handled tracks in which Mad Dog Reunion will make you feel his state of mind. Dean Thompson talks about various subjects like desperation, love relationships to poetic themes in a song like Where Did The Sun Go.
Did I make you thirsty for more?
You will be able to check Dean Thompson here then.

13 thoughts on “Who is Mad Dog Reunion?”

  1. Really great music “Mad dog reunion”
    If you re ever playing near me in Parsi give me a nudge

  2. Mad Dog Reunion is just great!
    I think all his songs are really great…. he writes the lyrics and music too. He has also recorded a couple of cover versions and they are really good too.
    Good Luck Dean, and keep the music coming.

  3. Fantastic
    I dont know them presonally but I ve downloaded everytihng I can by them and think they re great
    keep up the good work and well done

  4. Dean sings with feeling, his talent and flair to make the guitar sing with him just blows me away. There is one song in particular, a ballad, that actually brings me to tears, so i think that’s how strong a feeling goes into his song writing and singing. His more upbeat songs are brilliant too.
    I think Dean should be given the opportunity to show what he is capable of.
    Good Luck Dean you deserve it and I can’t wait to hear the next cd.
    Luxie xxxxx

  5. Well all I can say is I have downloaded everything there is to download by him .
    I love the music so bring on more and as long as you bring more on the more I will listen too with pleasure

  6. “Mad dog reunion” is by far the best unsigned band I ve ever heard and woulod love to see this act live too !
    Any chance then forward me an e mail to this address thanks

  7. You re so talented mate you need to do this for a living get out there and kick some asses show the world what real music is supposed to souind like .. !!

  8. Just seen your website and loved all the songs on it, are you will you be playing again soon writing?
    I ve been on a few times and checking the pics and songs incase their are any changes, get intouch if their are going to be changes and new songs as I ve downloaded what their is to download by you and I think its great

  9. Wicked ! Splendid ! Super amazing ! Giant ! Great ! God ! My medicine ! You rock our world MDR !

  10. Dean, your talent will be spotted one day!!
    would love to see you playing live too, your music is wicked!! I am waiting in anticipation for your next cd.
    keep on rocking hunni!!! xxxx

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