Vishiss/ Product Of My Environment/ song review

Rating: four stars and a half
How difficult is it for a white rapper to emerge when he is gifted for his art and when he lives in Detroit? Since Eminem rose to stardom, I’d say very difficult.
Many of them white rappers have tried without reaching a high level of success.
When you’re as talented and real as Vishiss actually is, the fight is even harder. It becomes tiresome to be compared to Marshall Mathers all the time.
He raises the question « how could a white guy not sound like a white guy while rapping? »…Vishiss wants people to acknowledge that he is the product from his environment…he’s from the D and expect stories from the ghetto in his narrations.
He’s got the voice of a white man, but to me, Vishiss’ style and sound are completely different. I would barely confuse him with Eminem.
Vishiss surprises his public by introducing some R’n’B vocals and sounds into his track and by mixing it up with rawer sounds and rapid rhythms and beats.
Keyboard and violin sounds will make you feel his love for the music. A music that is his whole life.
Product Of My Environment is lead from the hand of a master. It is a masterpiece of instrumental and vocal creations. Vishiss makes you feel the passion he puts into his music.
In his track, Vishiss recalls the human condition. We all gonna die, but what matters is to live your life to the fullest. Be passionate like him, let the music enchant your universe and live out your passions.
Vishiss, you did an amazing job on that track, I’m feeling you, man.
Enjoy Product Of My Environment on Vishiss’ album Subliminal Criminal Hyminal and let Vishiss teach you his enthusiasm about music that means everything to him.