Drop the “little rich poor bastard” stereotype about Eminem…

After enumerating painful events he went through during his childhood, Eminem claims in his Evil Deeds song:
« There goes poor Marshall again,
whining about his millions and his fortune and
his sorrow he’s always drowning in
and the dad that he never had and how his childhood was so bad
and how mom was a dope addict and his ex how they go at it.
Man, I’d hate to have it as bad as that Mr. Mathers claims he had it.
Man, I can’t imagine it. That little rich poor white bastard needs to
take some of that cash out of the bank and take a bath in it.
Man, if I only had half of it…
You only knew the half of it… »

Those lines are, of course, sarcastic. But it corresponds to an opinion many people have about Eminem now that he is rich and at the top. I wish people could drop this unpleasant stereotype of the « poor rich whining bastard » when they come to talk about Marshall Mathers’ wealth.
Yes, Eminem is a now a rich man. Do some of you realize how much he earned his money a hard way?
His childhood was a living nightmare…maybe his only peaceful years were his early years spent at his aunt Edna’s home. Eminem did not find the inside and outside security needed as a kid. Between a mom who popped pills and introducing him into pain killers and the school bullies who terrorized him and who nearly killed him, young Marshall realized how much his world was insecure.
His teenage years and the beginning of adulthood were a constant fight for recognition.
Eminem made up his decision to rap, but it wasn’t really easy for a white rapper to get some recognition. Before being signed by Dr Dre, Marshall experienced real difficulties in emerging on the rap scene. His personal life, his numerous arguments with Kim didn’t really leave time for a real peace of mind.
Some people, whose childhood has been difficult too and who have been through similar situations than Eminem have argued that they didn’t insult their mom, even if she acted as a « bitch » during their childhood…they argued that Eminem kept whining about the same things in his music.
To those people I would like to say: we are all different. 100 people can go through similar situations than Eminem’s did and react in 100 different ways. Marshall Mathers is a sensitive person, who has obviously been wounded by his painful past. His genius lies in the fact that he transformed his pain into art and that he managed to reach out to a large audience.
Why do you think that different people, from different countries, ages and backgrounds buy Slim Shady’s records? If you ask me, we buy his records because we can relate to most of the stuff he talks about.
When I first listened to Rock Bottom and heard Eminem say:
« My daughter’s feet ain’t got no shoes or sock’s on ’em », I had tears in my eyes. Back in the mid 90’s, I had been through the same kind of situation with my own son.
Eminem shared his story and his pain with his public. His music allowed him to let his emotions out of his chest, and also to touch people who could relate to his stuff.
Marshall Mathers’ career has been very successful. Thanks to his amazing talent, he has sold a lot of records. Within several years, he has reached a top level.
I have heard so many times: « Eminem is rich, he has nothing to worry about » or « he’s got the money, he should stop whining about his past! » « when you ‘re as rich as Eminem, any of your problems can be solved! »
Ok, if you think your statements are correct, then accept to walk a mile in Marshall’s shoes…You fools! Do you really think that money will buy you love, friends and prevent you from being sick?
First of all, Eminem’s « complaints » in his music are an outlet for his negative emotions and scars from the past.
Second, it is very lonely at the top. When you reach Eminem’s level of fame and wealth, you barely know who your true friends actually are. You have to be cautious in analyzing the reasons why people are trying to approach you, because many of them calculate about your money.
Many people have claimed to be Marshall’s friends and have betrayed him.
Third, I doubt you could ever face the pressures Eminem has been facing since the start of his career. Do you realize that Marshall Mathers has nearly no privacy?
He had to handle mad fans’ behaviors, many lawsuits (it is still the case), negative criticism, attacks from the GLAAD, from Lynne Cheney etc…
Some people who have been disappointed with Encore also allowed themselves the right to insult the talented rapper, which is despicable.
Being disappointed is one thing, becoming disrespectful makes you look like an arrogant prick when besides insulting him, you pretend to be his « fan ».
Let me tell you what regarding the Encore album. Encore is not as good as Eminem’s former albums, but still, it would beat many top emcees albums. Why? Simply because there are still some high quality songs on it like Evil Deeds, Never Enough, yellow Brick Road, Toy Soldiers, Mosh and Mockingbird…
I have been reproached to defend Eminem so many times. Yes, it is true, I always stick up for him when I find it right. However, I’m not afraid to express some criticism when needed: I was disappointed by Ass Like That and I said it clearly. Also, I don’t share each of Mr Mathers’ point of views. I don’t necessarily agree with the way he views Moby and his opinion about illegal downloads on the net.
A common mistake is to think that Eminem’s wealth has solved all of his problems.
One main reason why I have written about Marshall’s life, analyzing some of his family members is for people to acknowledge that despite his superstar status, he is a human being, with his emotions, his weak and good points. A man, who lives his life, goes through good and bad times like any of us- with the only difference that he is a public person. I intended to show you Eminem in the role of a daddy, a big brother and a responsible family man.
Some of his problems might have been solved through money, but money has also created a huge amount of issues in Marshall’s life.
And if you are convinced he is a « little rich whining bastard » step into his shoes and live his hectic life for 24 hours. You might totally change your mind about it.

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  1. You can not buy happiness, you can not buy love, you can not buy a new family, and you can not but respect from others!
    If you could then Marshall Mathers would be one rich happy mother fucker.
    That he is not at this point in his life. Because he does not have most of the things some of us take for granted!

  2. Brooksie, i think you are right about it:)
    MC Masta T, i cannot access your musical file…i’d be interested in listening to it…

  3. Eminem has had a hard life-and I will always respect him for who is (getting through so much crap!),stand up for him and be the most loyal fan I can be to him!Bless his soul!

  4. 😀 😀 😀
    like i said in the other blog…thank you for your attention and listening to my tracks
    how about an interview? 😀 lol jp the blog was enough

  5. Ok this is the first time i’ve ever seen this website and to whoever wrote this article GOOD WORK! I live in one of the lowest income areas of Australia there is and though i haven’t lived many of the experiences that i know fuels eminem’s music i see a lot of people who do and i see the pain and hardships that they have to go through just to be able to eat day to day. It is really great to see people standing up for eminem today and tommorow even though a lot of people are trying to tear him down, government censorship boards, women’s groups, child welfare organisations and the church, who claim his music will subvert todays youth into a violent and blastfimus generation. I have never been in trouble with the law or even my school principle, that’s because i have the ability to just tune out to music like eminem’s and see that they have gone through hard times and realised not to mess with authority just to make trouble, which is something i know a lot of my friends consciously do just to have fun, but only stand and fight when it’s for something that is worth while and not trivial. As long as there is a substancial sized group of people who think that people like eminem are right and he always has our support then it wil be clear that those trying to discredit him can’t say that he is “subverting us” cuz we all turned out to be well adjusted.

  6. yes it is Ian again. I’m having some problems with the internet as it doesn’t have very many sites (and none that are apparent to me) where i can download some footage of Eminem in court or on a fox news article (yes I know of fox news pure ignorance to fair journalism or the truth). I also can’t find any satisfactory footage of columbine either. No i know the question might be rising as to why i’m looking for footage of either of these topics but i need it for a school assignment on a celebrity that has change through time and how the media has represented that celebrity over time. My celebrity is eminem and i want a negitive side to him and that’s where fox news could help as they really hate eminem. Oh well any help for sites could and will be helpful. Thanks for the support.

  7. Ian, I have seen short footages of Eminem in Court, but i don’t remember well where i saw them…maybe on CNN or NBC? i’m not sure…i wish i could help more…

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