Eminem sued over tour bus crash

Another lawsuit has been filed against Eminem, but this time, it’s not from a family member. Michigan truck driver Breck Wyngarden and his wife, Ascension “Tina” Wyngarden, are seeking unspecified damages from the rapper, his Anger Management Tour bus driver and the tour bus company Entertainment Coaches of America for a July accident involving seven vehicles in western Missouri.
The Detroit Free Press reports that Eminem was not on the bus when the July 13 accident occurred about 25 miles east of Kansas City. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the bus was westbound about 6 p.m., on its way to a tour stop in Denver following a stop in Chicago. Attorney Jeff Lowe, who is representing the Wyngardens, said the tour bus swerved to avoid a collision, but struck the side of Wyngarden’s tractor-trailer.
The lawsuit said Breck Wyngarden suffered rib injuries, while his wife injured her head, neck and back. Seven people on the bus were reportedly among the 11 in total to be sent to the hospital, including driver Charlie Dilligard of Suitland, MD, Eminem’s DJ Alchemist (real name Alan Maman) and Em’s 26-year-old rap protégé Stat Quo (real name Stanley Benton).
Also hospitalized were Tina Wyngarden, two motorcycle drivers and a motorcycle passenger.
The lawsuit against Em follows another suit filed last week against the artist by his relatives, who claim he’s trying to evict them from the home he had built for them. Jack and Betty Schmitt, his uncle and aunt, are seeking more than $350,000 and possession of the home.
Meanwhile, the 32-year-old emcee recently canceled his European tour, citing exhaustion. His publicist has said he is undergoing treatment for dependency to sleep medication.

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  1. Nan mais là y en a marre!!!!!! Jvais leur apprendre le respect à ses abrutis moi. C pas possible; je comprends pas kon puisse être aussi odieux; aussi… ah!!!! Je sais pas koi dire tiens. Sa me fait vraiment mal (jpense ka toi aussi).

  2. Tout le monde s’en prend à lui…les gens en veulent à son fric…c terrible…je vais faire un article et m’exprimer sur le sujet…

  3. i agree with wendy people do need to leave him alone god he has children to take care of just because hes has money dont mean you need to take it away from him he earned so gaod paople just leave him alone god.

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