August, cruel month for Eminem

Published August 27, 2005
August isn’t a great month if you’re a Detroit-area rapper whose name sounds like candy.
Eminem, recently in rehab to deal with a dependency on sleep medication, is now being sued by a truck driver and his wife for a July 13 accident involving seven vehicles in western Missouri, including Eminem’s tour bus (he wasn’t on it at the time).
The lawsuit seeking unspecified damages was filed in St. Louis by Michigan truck driver Breck Wyngarden and his wife, Ascension “Tina” Wyngarden, who was hospitalized. The suit also names the bus driver and the tour bus company.
Adding to Em’s woes: Just last week, two of his relatives filed a lawsuit against him claiming he’s trying to evict them from the home he had built for them.

4 thoughts on “August, cruel month for Eminem”

  1. How on earth can you sue Eminem if he wasn’t on the tour bus?He wasn’t on it,GET IT?That is just wrong!Plus his in rehab trying to recover from an overdose of sleeping pills!Just leave him along and don’t put more stress on his life!

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