Woo Child Industry Takeover mixtape review

Rating: 2 stars and a half
I am usually very enthusiastic about Detroit talents. Woo Child’s work, however, has disappointed me a little bit.
You probably all know that I like it raw. Woo Child’s voice sounds a little bit too soft to my taste. Also, the instrumentation is rather weak and gives a monotonous impression. According to most of his tracks, Woo Child is supposed to be an offensive fire spitter, but the impression he gives through his music is quite opposite. His voice is a constant whining sound accompanied with a very monotonous instrumentation and beats.
The skit « Hotel » – an R Kelly remix- is annoying too. I just hate the R’n’B sound that goes with this track..
The real good tracks on the CD are Running and If Walls could talk as far as I am concerned.
Globally, the album is average. It includes collaborations with Detroit rapper Fatal Phenom and other artists such as Asylum 7,
Technically it could be improved for a large part. Woo Child tries to put some efforts in his Breathe freestyle, but most of his performances are average.
This review might sound a little bit pessimistic. Woo Child offers a free dowload of his album. Dear readers, you might like it. Give the album a chance and check it out here.