“That’s Gangsta”, a Trick-Trick-Marco Polo collaboration/ song review

Rating: four stars
You are fond of Detroit sounds? You like it raw and gangsta related? Then you will probably fully appreciate Trick Trick and Marco Polo’s duo.
Trick Trick, the CEO of Wonderboy Entertainment and his fellow emcee Marco Polo are no strangers to the streets of Detroit. Definitely gangsta, the track « That’s Gangsta » describes the realness of life between streets and studio.
Introducing the rhythmic track in a slow manner that symbolizes their slow and hidden approach, acting the way outlaws usually do, the dynamic armed duo show you the laws of the street. Hustling, guns, alcohol and drugs are part of the game.
Violins, keyboard sounds, drums will make you feel the heavy atmosphere. Trick Trick and Marco Polo have already conquered the streets of Detroit. You won’t be able to ignore both men, because they « grow everywhere they go ».
Used to weed and Hennessey mixtures, pimping and hoes, our heroes will take time to tell you about their gangsta style.
Trick Trick and Marco Polo has been on top at the « King Of The Mic battle » for several weeks on Detroit hip hop dot com.
Don’t miss this fantastic song that it all about the streets of Detroit. Trick Trick’s raw voice gives a particular note to the track.
That’s Gangsta has been made 2 weeks before Eminem’s radio release of Welcome To Detroit City. It has been produced by Trick Trick at Regnant Records/ Wonderboy Entertainment. The song will be featured on Marco Polo’s upcoming album to be released in 2005.