« High » , a Mutha/ P.H.E.AR/DJ Clutch collaboration/ song review

Rating: four stars and a half
A few days ago, I had the chance to listen to a song entitled « High », a beautiful Mutha/ Phear/ DJ Clutch collaboration.
Who is Mutha? Mutha is the Detroit rapper with the red beard and who sips on his bottle…no, seriously, he is the CEO of Margate Records.
P.H.E.A.R is a Detroit group composed of Micah Richardson aka  Phenom and Kevin Adams aka Entense. Phenom and Entense are both writers and producers and both involved in the rap game.
DJ Clutch from the Netherlands also known by Detroit insiders under the nickname Dirty Tim. DJ Clutch ‘s amazing work can be found on his official website.
The beginning of the song might surprise you: written in a slow tempo, you can hear « that’s the way we get down » through a quite robotic sound…soon a rapid rhythm will relay the slow tempo from the beginning. Meet Runyon Ave people and listen their ghetto story.
DJ Clutch does a great mixing job and you will probably enjoy the song’s rich sounds and beats
Let Mutha and Phear take you into their pot-smoking, alcohol-drinking, pimping world. A colorful universe, a lyrical offensiveness that will knock their enemies out, incredibly rich sounds and beats will make you like this song.
Globally, this song is great work and really worth a look. It is pure fire. Check it out here.