How many of you do sell a fake image of yourselves on the net?

It is so easy to be a comedian on the net and to show up with multiple personalities, to invent yourself a new life and to pose as a totally different individual.
You think that you can hide everything on the net, your lies, your manipulative words and actions? Don’t be so sure of it! I have retired the mask of many posers and I am pretty sure I am not the only one to have succeeded in doing it!
Many people who came to my personal Eminem website were convinced of my sincerity and of my enthusiasm. How come? Simply because I am no different person on the net from the person I am in real life. When I give my opinion on something, I actually mean it.
Of course, I think that I don’t have to reveal each detail of my life on the net. However I think that I owe my readers some honesty about how I feel and about who I am.
I put sincerity and honesty at a high level. When say that a song moved me and made me cry, be sure that I really felt like this at the very moment I put my feelings on paper. When I express about Bush and I say that I dislike him, be sure this is actually true.
My God, it is so easy to be true to ourselves, so why do some people feel the need to be such fakes on the net? Hopefully, dear reader, you are not one of them…